Raising a lintel?

27 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi, after removing a very thick door frame that's joins my kitchen to the stairs (1855 terrace house) with nothing above the area where the door is apart from some joists (no walls in need of support) we want to move the lintel up at least 3-4" so that a std size door will fit.

Whats involved in this please?

The lintel is just wood, there is about 2' of wall above the doorway.
The joists go all the way across to the supporting middle wall
So I dont think this is actually supporting anything.

I expect at least 2 acro props with blades, fit them above where the lintel is to go, remove some stones, then the lintel.
Make space in new position, fit lintel with good supporting stone underneath, pack in stone with plenty of morter.

Lower acros and remove the blades.

Am I missing anything?
I can post a pic if required.
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Not much of it though :)

So am I right? use the strongboys and acros to support the stone above so I can remove the lintel?

I'm hoping it doenst all fall down but knowing this house and how old it is, how dried out all the mortar is I'm not hopeful of it sticking together.
No but stone is heavy and you don't want that weight pressing down on the door frame , very quickly you wouldn't be able to open the door....

However your plan is sound , have fun doing it
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yeah Im expecting a mess and for it to take me all weekend or two. (1 to prepare, 1 to do it, another to tidy up the plastering etc lol)
Then Ill be looking for a builder to put it right lol
I have decided I'd rather get someone else in to do it, they will do it in a few hours and can deal with it better than me.
Age & Arthritis mean I can only hold a hammer for so long anyway.

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