Ravenheat CSI Primary main burner fails to light

18 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
I have Ravenheat CSI Primary boiler which the pilot light failed to light, there was a clunk of the gas valve and the ignition system would spark but there was no flame. Traced the problem to a blocked jet on the pilot light...thanks to this forum.

Now the next problem is that the main burner does come on. The ignition system sparks, the pilot light comes on but you can hear the ignition system continuing to spark but no life on the main burner. Any ideas? The fault finding flow diagram in the handbook suggests that it is the gas valve but welcome some views before I spend £200+ on a new valve.

The resistance measured on both solenoids of the gas valve is the same....I have had a gas valve failure before.
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When you cleaned the pilot injector, did you reconnect/ break the ignition lead? Continuity test the lead - a break often will allow a spark to jump across but will not carry the ionisation current.
Thanks for a quick response. I suspected that the issue maybe associated with the probe so the reason for the original posting.

I have justed test the continuity between the probe tip and the connector, that fits to the ignition board. The continuity seemed fine, the resistance measured just 0.4 ohms which does not seem too bad...but I am more than happy to be corrected.

Any other ideas as to the like cause.
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looks like my reply was removed!!!!, you need to look where the leads connect on to the condensate trap, idea is that if the condensate trap gets blocked it stops the flame rectification but the ignition will still work, even if your condensate trap is not blocked it does not mean that the problem does not lay there :D :D
Thanks for replies, I think the answer has been found :D . I have replaced the ignition probe and lead, and all is working now; first time every time.

The only thing though is that I have been unable to connect to condensate trap sensor point. Despite my best efforts, without taking the whole boiler off the fall, it is impossible to get to....it is behind the boiler with no means of access. As stated in one of the other forum items, as long as a slug does not climb up the drain pipe we should be okay
I would not bother , very badly designed set up even the ravenheat service engineer does not even bother just taped up the connection , or use's a lead from the ravenheat little star !

I believe the leads for this boiler have recently been revamped come encased in rubber now , but now come as 3 seperate leads !!
Although a mod seems to have perhaps deleted some inappropriate advice its important that any DIYer reading this does realise whats been done.

The plain fact is that some of the work which the OP has done on his boiler involves opening the combustion chamber and this should only be done by a gas registered engineer.

The forum rules very clearly state that we should not give advice on DIY gas work and the reason for this should be pretty obvious.


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