Ravenheat WhiteStar expansion vessell

18 Mar 2006
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Problem with 2 year old combi. Pressure rising from .75 bar cold to 3.25 bar hot. Dropping pressure through pressure release valve. Called it Corgi man, he changed the PRV but said that to repressurise the expansion vessel the boiler has to come off the wall!
Ravenheat say it does not :confused:

I need to know where the re pressurising valve is so I can argue with one of them :mad:
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As an addition, Corgi man says if he gets it off wall and it cant be repressurised I will need a new expansion tank. Can I not just forget about the on board one and fit an external anyway..

I think I have been conned.
When I phoned up the local Corgi recomended by Ravenheat people I described the fault " pressure rising and falling, water coming out of the pressure relief pipe, boiler not restarting from cold due to low pressure."
They quoted £105 repair plus parts + VAT regardless of time taken.

The guy came out , serviced the boiler, changed the Pressure relief valve.
Paid him, but noticed after he had gone that he had written on the invoice
"boiler needs to come off wall to repressurise system". Now they are wanting another call out charge to come back.
Climb up and look over the top of the boiler at the back.
Thats where the expansion vessel is. You should be able to see a small nipple on it. Thats what you are looking for.
looking down the back of the boiler with a mirror I can see the smooth round edge of the red expansion vessel coming up through a slot in the casing but no nipple of any sort! The only other thing down there are 2 wires to the flue fan, nothing else.
Ravenheats spec says clearance above the boiler should be 125mm, I`ve got around 200mm then its the ceiling so you cant get down there anyway :confused:
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your looking for a schrader valve, as in the kind on a cycle tyre.
and you can fit an external somewhere on the system.
Try looking on the underneath on the EV from the front of the boiler.

Another Ravenheat model had the valve on the side and assessed after removing the side panel ( providing the installer had left some space and assuming the owner had not boxed the boiler into a cupboard ).

Found it :D

Can`t get to it :(

Went to the boiler suppliers and looked at one in stock.
Its round the back , about 9" down from the top, under a screwed down panel. Totally inaccesable unless you have 3 elbows, 9" fingers and a built in system of mirrors :rolleyes:

Looks like I`m fitting an external!
One wonders why the makers dont realise how important it is to make their boilers easy to maintain.

The Ravenheat ET83 though is very easy in most respects.

Nip into a tyre place such as Hi- q or ATS. You can get extensions that can be added to schrader valves on wagon tyres. join 2 or 3 together for the desired effect ;)

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