rayburn pipe work for central heating

7 Feb 2022
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United Kingdom
hi i have took a oil boiler out with the radiator central heating pipes going though a wall then under a tiled floor . The main hot water tank pipes , flow and return come out of the side of the wall where a rayburn used to be . After putting a rayburn back in place can i connect the radiator central heating pipes into the rayburn back boiler to hot water tank flow and return pipes without to many problems as this would be more or less the same idear as when a back boiler has flow and return fittings on both side of the back boier ie 2 flow and 2 returns
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well the answer is it dose not work , so now need to have a new hot water cyinder tank fitted. Any one got a idear for the best type of tank around 1200x450 160 litre all i need is flow and return for rayburn heat , connections and supply of hot water for radiators . hot water out, cold in .I am told i need a thermal store but how did they supply heat to rads before themal store's
So what exactly have you done?
Have you connected an original hot water cylinder to the new Rayburn? And just teed flow and return to the rads from the primary feeds to the cylinder?
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The OP has already been told elsewhere to get someone experienced in this type of work to design/install.
We used to be both Bosky & Stanley installer's so have done a lot of cooker installations .
Proper advice is impossible without eyes on too many variables.
I was sure I put a long reply up to the original post but obvs not- OP there's a bit more to it than just chucking a cylinder at it
to oldbutoutdated basicly as you said. but before everyone starts panicking its just mock up in my workshop as once i know it will heat enough rads i will fit in workshop and do same in bungalow , and yes the person they get to install will be quaified to do it ,it has heat sink rad overflow etc. i have a bosky 90 going through a thermal store so i do have a bit of undestanding of them .one plumber told me just use a twin coil gravity cylinder but i think that would do what it is doing now by just draining the heat through the the 2nd coil to the rads .
If using a new cylinder on gravity, you need to ensure it is suitable. Standard cylinders only work with pumped systems.
to oilhead i know thanks i am after a indirect vented twin coil gravity .but one of the coils needs to be so i can draw of heat for rads so coil has to be higher up as what i presume is in my old tank. no stickers on so no idear of make but is 40 plus years old . tried asking telford cyinders but they sent me completely wrong type just a standard hot water draw of. i have a good gledhill old tank with near enough same height fittings but no model on it so don't know spec of it
What heating load will there be? I can't see that a take off from a coil will give you anything significant.
Are you trying to heat the water in the tank with the lower set of coils and using that hot water to transfer heat to the radiators through the top coil, is the rayburn the only source of heat?

Is any DHW involved, if so cant you just use conventional method of flow and return to DHW and same for heating

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