Rayburn Royal not getting hot enough

12 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a Rayburn Royal with a vapourising oil conversion fitted.
It gets serviced by a local firm once a year and works okayish.
It was last serviced two to three months ago, but last week I ran out of fuel (forgot to check! :oops: ).
With the tank filled up, I re-lit it but the oven won't get past 200 F (it normally sits at 350 - 400). I can see that the flame is not increasing at all when the control is turned up, so I am suspecting that there is a problem with the fuel supply (maybe the filter or the well) . I have never done anything more in the past than remove the top plates covering the metal wick to light it. I am annoyed at the thought I will have to get the service people out again just to de-coke the well if that is all that's wrong but I am not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions? :confused:
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firstly check the oil filter element and replace if necessary if you have not got one to hand then you for a short time only you can take out the filter element, but remember to bleed all air from oil line before trying to relight.

Secondly the oil control box (bm or ci) may have waxed up the metering stem, this is easily rectified by tapping the actuating pin vigorously for about 20 to 30 times.

These seem to be the most probably causes, if cooker has been run for quite a long period on low then you could have whats called premature carbonizing.

Thanks for that. We usually run it on the low setting for most of the time, as it only supplements the hot water heating and the oven is usually hot enough for most cooking. It gets turned up a few times a week and that's it. I just don't understand how it was running fine until I ran out of oil.
If your first two remedies fail, how do I go about de-carbonizing it?
You really need more info than you can get here, not enough time to write a manual. Look
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Thanks oilman,

I found that site myself, before I posted my topic on the forum but being a cheapskate I was hoping to get an answer to my problem without having to pay for it, if you now what I mean! :p

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