Rear drum removal on 2006 Vauxhall Combo van

27 Jan 2010
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Buckinghamshire, Darn Sarf
United Kingdom
Greetings learned community.
I crave your help on the method by which I can remove the rear brake drums on a Vauxhall Combo van (1.3 cdti).
I took the wheel off, and the Torx headed screw.
There is no castleated nut holding the drum on, indeed no other noticeable drum securing mechanism....but I can't seem to budge it!
I've tried tapping it with a mallet whilst pulling the drum and rotating it (BTW, the handbrake was OFF!)

Please advise,
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Thats all thats needed and brute force,there is lip thats built up over time and you need to overcome this using pry bar in between the gap whilst hitting it with a club hammer
Have had others say the same, but in my experience the drum will bind on this lip, and be hard to rotate. Mine do not want to budge, either side, and they do not bind. They rotate easily when simultaneously rotating and pulling, therefore I conclude that, at THIS point, it's not the lip holding the drum on.
Can anyone tell me, apart from the four wheelnuts and the single torx headed setscrew, is the drum held on by any other mechanism? :?:
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I guess the drum must be being held firm by corrosion around its centre, then. Apply some WD40 around the centre, followed by general careful heating. If you beat the drum when rotating it (sounds musical)! it should start to back off. I use a copper hammer for this, and sometimes you do need to belt it quite hard.
John :)