Vauxhall Combo rear drum removal?

27 Jan 2010
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Buckinghamshire, Darn Sarf
United Kingdom
A simple question.
How do I get the rear drum off a 2006 Vauxhall Combo van?
It's not as easy as removing the wheel and the countersunk set-screw, because I've done all of that.
It's not the shoes binding on the drum, if it were I wouldn't be able to turn the drum easily while pulling it.

MOT due next month, handbrake isn't as keen as it used to be, so a solution would be well received.

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Try squirting some jolly old WD40 through the bolt holes, so the fluid runs down over the hub (not onto the shoes)!
Then, rotate the drum and at the same time giving it a good smack on the side with a hammer as you do so, and eventually it'll start to move.
John :)
Beautifully put :p
I guess this van has the conventional central hub nut behind the dust cap, if all else fails.
John :)
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A bit belated, but thanks to all.
Indeed the bfoh did the trick, though it couldn't have been good for the wheel bearings or the neighbours at 10pm, though I did try to disguise the noise of the hammer by swearing loudly with each hammer blow.
Lengthy job that one, im not surprised the neighbours complained when you were out there for almost 5 years!