Recommissioning deactivated adt system

1 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi, we have recently bought a property that has an adt system (Galaxy 16 plus cp171) that is currently powered down. It had been monitored until about 6 months ago when the previous owner cancelled their adt contract. I have had to power it down because we are refurbishing the property and are removing PIR's for plastering etc. and I don't have the codes to reset the system. Also, we were unable to set the alarm anyway because I think the battery in the control panel has died.

I would like the system set up again as a stand alone alarm and reprogramming so that I have the codes to reset it, and was wondering if anyone can recommend an engineer in the Wakefield area (West Yorks) that would be able to do this?

Also, any ideas on what's involved and the likely cost?

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Can't advise on a local engineer, but I would advise on swapping out the control panel for a Galaxy G2-12. The hardware cost is around £30. All other parts will be compatible.

The Galaxy 16+ and 8+ are not built like all the other Galaxy panels and are best swapped out.
Any local nsi / ssaib company should be able to re commission your system , it will probably need a new battery and it may or may not have a live bell box as ADT didn't allways fit live bell boxes.
Or do it yourself and save £££. If decorating, I would probably change the sensors while I was at it. They cost around £10 each for decent ones.

You're probably looking at around £100 to get someone in to reprogram and another £25 for a battery. They will most likely want to change the panel and add new ancillary parts. £400+
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Thanks for the replies.

I understand that it would be better to replace the system with modern components, but I was hoping to get it done cheaply as we will be selling the property when it has been renovated. So if I replace the control panel will I also have to replace the keypad and other devices?

If I do decide to go down the replacement route can I reuse the existing wiring? Also, do you have any recommendations for PIR's?

There is a live bell box because it started warbling away when the battery was running out of juice after I disconnected the mains.
All components will be compatible. If you are selling the property, then it may just be worth trying to get the current panel going. At least it will only cost you around £15-£20 for a 7aH 12V battery.

Existing wiring will be fine.

I like the Honeywell Intellisense sensors. The TCE version are even better. I've been using these for years and they're reliable, small and clean looking.
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Sorry, but just to confirm my understanding - if I replace the control panel with the Galaxy G2-12 then I can keep the existing keypad, PIR's, door contacts and bell box?
Sorry, but just to confirm my understanding - if I replace the control panel with the Galaxy G2-12 then I can keep the existing keypad, PIR's, door contacts and bell box?

Yes, sorry - I've edited my previous reply to answer your other questions. All the parts will be compatible. It should just be a matter of swapping the wiring over.

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