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24 Jun 2007
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United Kingdom
Sorry in advance if this has been done to death.....

We decided it was time to paint the front door. In good nick, just a change of colour.

The wife decided on the colour red, So i went and bought Sandtex "Pillar box red" gloss. With the recomended Sandtex grey primer/undercoat.

Rubbed down the door, primed/undercoated, waited overnight.
Next morning, Applied the Red gloss. undercoat flashing through.
waited overnight, light rub with fine paper to de-nib, applied 2nd coat of gloss.
Undercoat still coming through!!
I've done a fair bit of glossing indoors (albeit with white dulux trade) and never had a problem.

Am I doing something wrong?? How many coats do they want me to apply? 3-4-5?
Are there makes of gloss with better coverage?
Would the coverage be any better with satin? Its the colour that the wife wants, the sheen is not so important.

Many thanks.
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Cheers for the reply Dec, but whats the cut-off point. Just keep going until its covered?

Out of curiosity, would you have used the grey undercoat? or Had an undercoat tinted to match?

My wife likes the colour and wants the back door done to match!! Aaargh!
With regard to the cut off point that would be difficult to ascertain, grey is the correct undercoat it's just that red is perhaps the most difficult of colours. Check out Crown Solo this is a self undercoating system that offers extreme covering power.

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Cheers Dec, will give solo (scooter red) a go.

Incidently, If all else fails, Has Satin got any better covering power?
With regard to the Satin I dont think it make much difference, just bear in mind that Satin is for interior use only. You wont go far wrong with the Solo, let us know how you get on.

With respect one cause could be your painting technique.

Having said that, I have noticed as dark gloss colours outside age, they sometimes reveal streaks of a grey undercoat looking colour.

All red gloss I have used has been recommended to use a light red/pink undercoat. I think Crown recommend this.

A non-drip gloss may be easier for you.
I agree, I have only ever used red/pink undercoats with red gloss.

With regard to recoating- providing a top coat has not fully cured then it is not necessary to sand between coats (other than to remove flaws). With waterbased you have a couple of days. With oil-based you would probably be fine for up to a week.

If you wanted to, you could put 10 coats of gloss on but it would take an extremely long time to cure and it might be affected by adverse weather.

Some colours (often bright yellows) are euphemistically referred to as special process colours- ie they need additional coats. You may have one of these.

If your technique is fine then it is a myth that you would need an undercoat each time between coats.
Well I have always used grey as an undercoat, yet it remains a fact that the reds are one of the more difficult paints with which to obtain an even coverage, with regard to Solo this has the ability to take away the need for an undercoat, yet whichever system is choosen application remains the key to success.

Light, mid, and dark grey were the universal undercoats for a whole range of gloss colours but a red undercoat does make life easier when using red gloss, reminds me of the years I spent as a youngster painting council house front doors, the tenants had a choice of blue, yellow, green or red and most of the swines would choose red :LOL: . The Dec is right though, thank God we have crown solo these days.
TheDec has gone completely crazy about Crown Solo. It must be love. :LOL: :LOL:
Job Done. Thank you Crown Solo!! (.....and TheDec)
It may not be the shade of red she chose. But its the red she's getting!

Incidently, to some of the other posts
All red gloss I have used has been recommended to use a light red/pink undercoat. I think Crown recommend this.

A non-drip gloss may be easier for you.
The red I originally chose was by Sandtex. The undercoat they state to use is grey.
I thought crown owned Sandtex?

Non drip gloss = No idea, never used it. Chances are I'll only be using white in the foreseeable future. So I'll be sticking to Dulux Trade. Not let me down yet.

Sanding between coats = Sorry if I misled, all I meant was a quick flick to get rid of the flies.

Many thanks for all the replies.

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