Removing and changing size of door frames.

22 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
He all, bought an old 1910's/1920's house. and while Im doing it up, I'm going to have to plaster most of the rooms.

But I need some advice on doors/frames before we get to that stage.

Basically hte doors are quite tall and wide, and any where I've looked I cant see anything that would fit.

the joiners at my sisters recently chopped out her door frames for the same reason and fitted thicker frames that were shorter to accomodate a more standard sized door.

Unfortunetly I never got to watch them doing it and due to a lot of unforseen issues in teh house, I cant afford to get someone in to do it.

So I'm looking for a littel general advice/hints/tip/guide on how to remove an old door/frame and size up and fit new one?

I'm confident at doing tonnes of stuff DIY and work with plumbing/gas as a trade anyway, just never had to much joinery apart from a few shelves and the likes.

Thanks for any advice

will try get some pics up after
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