removing artex from my walls


13 May 2005
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United Kingdom
in our vestibule we have some eccentric artex featuring multple patterns in a small area! I want to get rid of it and have nice smooth walls, however I haven't a clue how to do this. I have had two pieces of advice - get it skim plastered over (expensive) and take it off with a steamer. I have also just come across this artex remover CAn anyone give me advise on what is the best thing to do????????????


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you can try sanding it down ....but it will be very messy/dusty an a nightmare ....
If I was doing it I would get it skimmed ...;)
Well, the link doesn't work (for me) but is that the stuff that's supposd to soften the artex and make it come off like custard? Might be worth a try.

Otherwise, agree with the skimming.
Theres a machine you can hire...from HSS I think...its like an overgrown electric planner..dont know f they are any good though.
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sorry! the link is

I realise the skimming is probably teh best solution but it is a pretty small job and we might be hard pushed to get anyone to do it. Also we are being bleed dry by rennovating our house at the mo and it woudl be nice not to have to pay out any more if we can possibly do ti ourselves!

any other thoughts?
Zampa, i have just been on the HSS site and am not sure what to search for. can you find it or dcescribe it a bit more?


I once removed all the artex off a living room with an industrial wallpaper stripper and it did a good job, very messy though. The artex had layers of silk emulsion on but this is easily removed once the steam has softened it.

I couldn't be bothered to sand the walls after so I hung some lining paper and then emulsioned.....good job. My spare room has an artexed ceiling but the plasterer is coming to skim that tomorrow.....£125 for 12 square metres.
No thats not it Moz..cheers anyway...the product is like a large belt sander...if the ring HSS and ask them im sure tey will sort you out if they still do em that is..

But be did look like ferocious bit of kit..
Thank you all!

Moneypenny - it is nice to hear someone has managed to get it off, so I think I will go down the wallpaper stripper route too.


been there done it too, and used chemicals AND steam stripper. The latter was cheaper and easier.

Both ways are messy.

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