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removing Baseboard (skirting radiator) USA poster

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by generaltechie90, 3 Oct 2021.

  1. generaltechie90


    3 Oct 2021
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    United States
    We have a hydronic baseboard heating system. Oil Fired. the house is quite old at almost 200 yrs. In our living room, im looking to put in built in cabinet/bookcase/fireplace. it would take up the entire wall and its an outside wall. the room has 2 outside walls and 2 inside walls. the Baseboard heating runs long the outside walls. Looking for suggestions on how to ... enclose/change the baseboard setup so that i can put cabinets in where they are. i might want to do toe kick heaters but ill figure that out later. Can i just drain the loop, replace the finned sections of baseboard with straight copper pipe, insulate it and then put my cabinets over them?
    The crawlspace below them isnt accessible according to 3 different contractors due to extremely limited space. Id hire a professional if its just a matter or replacing the finned pipe with insulated copper pipe but im not sure if there is a better idea or if thats to code in most places.
    im in upstate NY. Room is 12'x15' and the wall in question is 12'.
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  3. mattylad


    27 Apr 2008
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    United Kingdom
    As this is a UK site, how are we to know what is to code in NY???
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