Renault Megane etc starting problems - an answer.

19 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
All the symptoms of a flat battery? Starts one day and won't the next? Won't start after a journey? Our 1997 2.0 Megane had these problems. The solution was to clean the TDC sensor which is located on the top of the casing where the gearbox joins the engine. Black plastic angled part on a flat metal bracket held on with two 10mm bolts. Just disconnect the wires, remove the front bolt, loosen the back bolt and tilt it to reveal the tip for cleaning. Be careful not to lose the rubber seal down the back of the engine. Ten minute job! Good luck.
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cant really say this will work

likely to break sensor

you need to hook up to computers now to really find the fault out OR at least narrow it down

flat battery due to cranking over too much or its not holding the charge and on its way out
I must add the history to my previous post. We took the car to a Renault dealer who could find no fault using their computer technology. We then fitted a new battery, new alternator, removed and cleaned all the earth leads. Still no joy.

After searching several forum sites we found that "TDC sensor" appeared regularly and there were many satisfied DIY mechanics who had cured their starting problems :D .

So, I can confirm that it worked for our car!

Good luck.
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Few,,,, thx chaps I was having a problem and it was the TDC senser. thank you for posting answers although I never did ask question. :)