Rented property - temp paving slabs for dog kennel

13 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
Hope someone could help.

I have a 8 x 4 Dog kennel (mini shed & run with a roof) that I need to erect in the garden of my rented property. It currently has gravel in the area where I need to erect it which isn't level. I need to lay paving slabs to put the kennel on as the run section has no floor so is directly open to the ground.

I have looked at laying slabs and I know to do the job properly it needs to include concrete, sand etc. I cannot do this as its rented and I need to put it back the way I found it. Let me stress it's not permnanent paving, I'm using the cheapest slabs going and if they crack it's no biggie (providing the structure doesn't collapse!).

So whats the best way to do this? I was thinking pull the gravel back, try best to level the ground, lay a weed membrane, could line with treated timber and fill with the gravel then lay the slabs on top. I 'could' put sand in with the gravel if that would help stability but concrete/mortar etc is a no no.

Any advise would be most appreciated.
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if you lay slabs on grass it will die
also if its a male dog the pee will kill the grass in areas repeatedly used
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i assumed it would be grass for the run as pebbles are no fun for dogs :eek:
The kennel and run is actually for my pair of rabbits. They're fine on concrete slabs and get free range time in the garden for grass.

I was going to just level the gravel and put the slabs on top but I read elsewhere they can result in quite a bit of movement which could effect te structure of the kennel. I didn't want to waste the £300 I iust spent on a kennel.

Would laying slab straight on gravel result in movement do people know?
My buns are supervised when free range - obviously can't happen all the time hence me buying a dog kennel for them to live in when not supervised.

The gravel is fairly mixed in size but I would say its like this URL:

Will try and get some photos of the space...
Unless the kennel weighs the size of a small house, or the rabbits are the size of elephants, then there won't be any significant movement to worry about.

Just level the gravel, bed some slabs onto it and plonk the kennel and run on top.
Buy some 2nd hand 2" thick slabs, you often get them on gumtree for £1-£2.
They're strong so for foot traffic the sub layer doesn't matter too much

Rake back the gravel and stockpile it somewhere
Put down an inch or two of sharp sand and level it out, and lay the slabs on top.
Ideally treat the bottom of the kennel with a good wood preserver and put some sort of dpc/slate/tile between the timbers and the slabs.

When/if you move house, lift the slabs and reuse at your next place or sell.
Dig up the worst of the sand then rake the gravel back over :)

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