Replace decrepit garage with garden room inc store room

27 Dec 2010
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Been putting it off for ages but the ol garage needs to go. The kids (2 & 4 year olds) recently discovered they could easily snap off sections of it and I found them one day running about the garden with large sections of it.
I have a guy in his 50s at my work who grew up in my place and he says it was rotten when he was a kid so it must date back to WWII. Incidentally he said it was the same colour when he lived there.

I dug out strip foundations and batched in a wee mixer. A393 mesh rebar (10mm stuff). Started the block work but I need to knock the ol shed down to get the last corner in. It's to be a concrete floor but with a light timber frame with textured versapanals, intermittent ship lap panels and some full height glass panels.

The building will comprise a large room insulated, carpeted, etc and a separate small garden storage room with a side entry.

The old garage in a state of disrepair. It moves if you lean against it!
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Just had a someone I know in the business confirm the boards round the base of the old garage are asbestos!

Looks like the garage base was rotten and they cut the bottom section off and replaced with nailed on asbestos sheets. Nice :rolleyes: 1960,s probably.

I think I will dispose of them in the backfill below the concrete floor. Kick them off then run like f###. Seems like a good idea :D
Got the substructure done. Did the slab in two pours 1/3 then 2/3 panels. The joint is where there will be a stud wall separating the garden store room
( separate external entry) and the main social space.

I kept the old garage floor seen closest to the camera outside and this should give a good base for decking. ( concentrate on the building first)

Think I probably need to do some chopping of the neighbours jungle first in order to fit the next bit in. [/img]
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Got the timber delivered. prices :

£8 4x2. 4.8m
£11. 6x2. 4.8m

Total price so far including sub structure & timber for frame/roof =£920

Persistent rain has stopped play at just the front and back wall plates down.

Ahh.. if only it was bonfire night.. Box of fireworks and that shed would have gone up a treat! ;)

Maybe I've been reading far too many estate agents brochures these days (or maybe I'm just a sad act) but it's a rare surprise to see someone using the word comprise correctly.. Kudos!
The thought went through my head but she wouldn't let me. The stuff without paint got chopped up and sent a couple of doors away to a log burning stove.
Rain, hail n sleet over I get to start on the framing for the walls. I don't get long in the evening due to having three kids under 4 years old. It's so much easier these days with nail guns and rip saws so not much time needed.

Rain stops play again but off to Skye for a few days break anyway.

Yesterday I finished all the frame bar one infill piece so started putting it up by myself! Will need a hand for the two 4.8m sections they are heavy.

Frame has standards 2.1m leaving 600mm section for dawgs although 600mm spacing gives a 550mm dwang little waste though. Once altogether a top 4x2 is stitched to give a additional top plate(kit style)

Full height corner window system will also be timber framed but being made by a joiner elsewhere at present.

Had the joy of once again shooting myself in the finger yesterday after the nail gun hit a hidden knot. :rolleyes:
Had the joy of once again shooting myself in the finger yesterday after the nail gun hit a hidden knot. :rolleyes:[/quote]


Good write up so far...hope the injury doesn't delay you too much.
Little at a time is as much as I can get to do if a little frustrating.
When I do get time I found I was rushing hence shot the finger! I also messed up with remembering to size my wall frames to match the roof but it will still be strong enough.

Got a reasonable run today given the good weather but also due to everyone in the house floored with the roto virus. Down side was lunch time when I got sprayed with spew while feeding our 9 month old.

Used some steel banding to keep the thing rigid enough while working on

This side has a separate entrance for the garden store

The space left at the corner is for the floor to ceiling glass windows
Not a lot done today but sorted a small plumb ness problem at the corner window area and stuck a white scabby upvc window in the back wall of the garden store. It will let some light in but be out of view hidden by the trees.

Looking good so far, what are your overall dimensions?

I am thinking of doing something similar.

Cheers, Des.
3.1m x 7.1m outside block size. 2.3m will be the store room at the back. Rest the leisure space.

A sketch of the idea although it was done back in March and a few little differences. Not such a big soffit & corner window goes full height floor to ceiling. Timber cladding & window will be same wood stain

Entrance to leisure room again door won't be this colour or the window.


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