replace old honewell room thermostat for a salus wireless stat

6 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom
I want to replace an old Honeywell room stat with a salus RT300RF. The problem is the salus manual says it requires a permanent live, neutral, common and switched live (NO). Ive checked the wiring at the Honeywell and I have 3 wires plus an earth comprising a timer live on connector 1 (not permanent..only comes live when the CH programmer is ON), neutral on connector 2 and switched live on connector 3. I want to keep the CH programmer controlling the overall on/off times not the room stat
Do in need a permanent live on the salus receiver or will a timer live do?..I was thinking Honeywell 1 timer live into the salus L, link L to common on the salus, Honeywell neutral into salus neutral and Honeywell switched live into salus NO...will this work?...if so will the salus receiver be able to cope with its 'permanent' live constantly going on and off as per the CH programmer settings?

the other option I thought was to run a new neutral and permanent live to the salus, connect the Honeywell timer live 1 into the salus common so that it will only switch live if the stat demands it AND the CH programmer is ON, plus the Honeywell switched live into the salus NO...will this work and give me the desired overall control via the CH programmer?
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nope if you use a switched live to the Salus Receiver you will constantly have to keep re binding the salus thermostat and the receiver,the receiver goes next to the boiler and is wired into the live and neutral from the boiler and common and switched live go into the boiler external themostat wiring terminals,the thermostat is battery powered, andjust leave the programmer as it is , I wouldnt recommend Salus though but completely up to you
thanks Ian but I want to keep the receiver in the same place as the old Honeywell ( in hallway) to cover the hole....the boiler is in the garage and I doubt the new stat in (which I want in my lounge) and receiver will be able to communicate,,any idea if my second option would work?
Why not fit a programmable RF stat? The existing CH switched live from programmer to stat can be used as a perm live.
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the wife finds the programmable stats too complicated....I simply want to replicate what Ive got now which the wife likes except move the stat into the lounge as the hallway is always cool so the boiler is constantly firing and we are baking in the lounge even with TRV's...I cant easily move the wiring from the hallway either but I could get a perm live there easily enough ..I was hoping for a simple DIY replacement job and didn't want to get into a full rewiring job
if I was to run a permanent live then link it to common, when the stat calls for heat will it override the programmer even if its OFF and cause the boiler to fire? or will the programmer being OFF mean the it wont fire ?
She only has to turn stat up or down once it's set up FFS.
Remove core/wire from CH 'ON' @ programmer backplate and move to 'live' terminal of programmer backplate.
thanks ill try last question...if I do this, when the stat drops below its temp setting, it will obviously call for heat....this wont override the programmer setting of OFF and cause the boiler to fire will it?

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