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Replacement multipoint lock

Discussion in 'Windows and Doors' started by nick9one1, 27 Sep 2021.

  1. nick9one1


    19 Jun 2021
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    United Kingdom
    I need to order a new multipoint lock as I have a Yale smart lock handle to fit and it only works with lift to lock. The lock fitted is double key turn.

    I've taken some measurements..

    The backset is 55mm, 85mm centres.

    The width of the lock when looking at the edge of the door is 20mm. Is this referred to as the faceplate?

    I think this is what I have fitted.


    Seems like I have a bit of an oddball lock size and there aren't any 55/85 lift to turn locks available.

    Can I fit a lock with different measurements and just drill the door to match?

    20210927_104237.jpg 20210927_104250.jpg 20210927_104427.jpg
    Last edited: 27 Sep 2021
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