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16 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
I live in an 1870s terraced house in Stoke Newington (London). I'm looking into refurbishing and where appropriate replacing some sash windows. Just wanted to check with the forum whether the prices sounded reasonable.

For example; we have a large 3 sash (single pane) bay window (softwood). It is in decent condition but needs draught proofing and overhauling. Dimensions are (cm):

Main window 130 x 250
side windows (x2) 72 x 250

To overhaul and draughtproof we've been quoted £725

To replace with double glazing and new sashes is £2,600 (softwood)
To replace with double glazing and new sashes is £2,850 (BC Pine)
To replace with double glazing and new sashes is £3,000 (Mahogany Utile)

Just want to get an idea as to whether these prices are reasonable.

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It seems a bit a bit steep for the refurb work ,I would shop around go to small recommended joinery shops for the best prices or a recommended carpenter that will sort it for you, I used to work all round that area but i'm a bit out of touch with London prices but iv'e just fitted some double glazed sliding sash windows that were made in Tunbridge Wells that were a lot cheaper, get three prices to be shure.what sort of firm gave you the price?
Thanks for the response. We've had 3 quotes, 2 roughly around this mark and 1 that was significantly higher (30%). The 2 roughly equal quotes were from a lone joiner locally and a smallish company based in Kent. Both seemed to know their stuff and were very affable. They were both enthusiastic to repair (rather than replace) where possible, which is something we were keen on also.
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In essence, yes just for this. They will also carry out minor repairs, balance the window and ensure it's fully operational (as one would expect).

I assume the labour required to do the work (including window removal, grooving the sashes etc) would stretch over a few hours also?

Out of interest, what would you consider to be a fair price for this kind of work?
Eighty quid parts - labour at 20/25 quid per hour.

It's not even a repair.
No, I meant that there are some minor repairs also required. I appreciate the general overhaul is not a repair.

You mention labour of 20-25/hr which seems very reasonable but how long would it take to do a standard 2 sash window?

Thanks for your help.
Hi,I think it sounds very expensive. I recently had 30+ sash windows reconditioned or replaced. The reconditioning included all the work you have indicated and I also had them re-decorated at same time (which I think is a v good idea as they are so difficult to do when in place). The cost was £160 per window. I had approx 4 sash windows that needed replacement sashes and the cost for this in hardwood was £440 per window. An entire new sash box and new sashes worked out at £850. Keep shopping me thinks SA
Yes sounds like I need to shop around more. Can I ask, did you employ London based firm. That sounds extremely cheap to me.

Can anyone recommend anyone in London (North ideally)

Hello Jonny,

Not sure if you have had your work completed yet, but it does appear to be slightly expensive on the double glazing new sashes quote. The overhaul and refurb is quite right. I had my windows refurbished, and new ones put in by ******** the prices for new windows were a fair bit cheaper. Not sure off hand but at least 700 difference. Hope you get them done, though. Good luck.

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