Replacement UPS Recommendation?

28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Some may know that I have a APC Smart 1500VA UPS that protects my network and rack server at my home. It is normally at a 25% load.

The UPS was original manufactured in September 2007 and I bought it second hand on ebay in 2013. I have replaced the batteries twice since having it and are due to be replaced again.

The UPS normally reports a 35°C to 40°C internal temperature depending on the time of year, what I suppose is due to that it is propped up underneath by two slats of wood whilst laying on its side on top of a shelf above my data rack.

Because of this and the effect it has on the battery life, I find this means I have to replace the batteries around every 2 years.

I am just wondering should I replace the batteries or invest in a new UPS.

If I go down the route of a new UPS, what should I get? My requirements are below:

  • Have at least a 45 minute run time with a 300W load, more is better of course.
  • Be priced up to £400, including batteries.
  • Be rated at least 800VA, more if preferable
  • Have USB for monitoring. (Ethernet monitoring would also be nice.)
  • Be able to cope in warmer ambient temperatures without detrimental affect on battery life

Regards: Elliott.
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Have you calculated the battery capacity you would need to meet that spec?
I have two UPS's at home - one to protect my network equipment and a smaller one which protectors a CCTV NVR up in the loft.

I haven't had this latter one for long but I do have the expectation that the extremes of heat and cold mean I'm likely to be in a similar position to you i.e. battery replacements more frequently than might be desirable. Unless you can locate it somewhere it'll run a bit cooler, I don't think you're going to avoid that with any brand tbh and I'd just replace the batteries unless you especially want a UPS with more functionality.

Having said that, I did pick up an absolute bargain on eBay with my larger UPS - I got it brand new leftover from an installation and still sealed in the box - ironically it's also a APC Smart 1500VA UPS which retails at between £400 and £500 and I picked it up for around £150! If you can find a similar bargain that could be a cheaper option than new batteries :)
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I have decided and have already bought 3 x 5 Meter IEC extension cables, a long shielded USB Extension cable, and two new batteries.

Went for these batteries:

I am going to replace the batteries in the UPS, and move the UPS upstairs in the boarded loft where it can stand up normally. Will take out the small extractor fan that exhausts into the loft 24/7 that I installed several months ago and run the said cables through that large hole where the extractor fan was.

My only concern is how much longer will the capacitors, relays, MOV's, etc... last in a 12 year old UPS.

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