Replacing a Bristan Thermostatic Cartridge

7 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom

I've been having problems with my Bristan recessed shower and have traced the problem to the thermostatic cartridge. I've even obtained a replacement cartridge. The problem now is that I can't seem to get the existing cartridge out of the wall!!

I've removed the tap assembly and according to the instructions it should just pull out, but it won't move. Does anyone have any tips for doing this without breaking the shower even further?

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Wiggle it while pulling.

PS I mean the cartridge.

I had performed this job as well. Basically, once you take the temperature control sleeve off, there is a large retaining nut keeping the cartridge in place. I bought the biggest spanner I could find in B&Q (36mm), but a 32mm one would do I reckon. You can just get enough purchase on this nut to get it off.

Unfortunately for me, my new cartridge only gave me piping hot water for a few days before it failed too! I am now in an argument with Bristan about what is causing my shower to go lukewarm again! As far as I'm concerned it's the new cartridge - but their tech support guy told me over the phone that it's not! Like he's qualified to make that diagnosis without even being in my house!
Are you sure the shbower is plumbed the right way round? Did you calibrate it properly.

I have seen many showers from different makers last a while even though incorrectly fitted/setup, then go t1ts up.

This initial ability to cope seems to throw a lot of people off.
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Yes, it's plumbed the right way. As for calibration - I inserted the cartridge as is, and then turned it to max before full re-assembly. How do you re-calibrate?
Dazster: Does the water start hot and then get colder or does it never get hot at all?

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