Replacing Bathroom Radiator with Towel Rail


27 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom

I am re-doing the bathroom and am wondering on the best way of replacing the existing radiator with a new towel rail. If poss, I would like to do this without full drain down of the CH system from the combi boiler.

Existing radiator is as per the photo below,

and i can isolate this at the valves and remove it. However, the 10mm copper pipe and valves are wrong alignment for a new towel rail.

Any ideas on how I can easily do this. Am sure it has been done elsewhere, just wondering if I can bend the pipes or get a 90 degree fitting to suit the new towel rail.

Many thanks for any replies!
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If you have access to the pipes under the floor, they can be bent. That is what we did in our bathroom when changed the radiator for a towel rail.
Its chipboard flooring - not easy to get up!

Can the pipes be bent slightly when full? If so I could bend and twist to suit new towel rail keeping same valves but have them sticking out... - not ideal but better than a drain down - Any other ideas or anyone know of a 90 degree fitting for valves?
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you have a combi boiler with a pressure gauge on it? then you do not need to drain down. Once you have tuned it off, and opened the drain cock enough to relieve the pressure, no more water will come out unless you have two or more pipes open at the same time.

close the drain cock.

close both the valves on that rad

cut one of the pipes, and fit your new bend and valve to it. close the new valve

cut the other pipe and fit your new bend and valve to it, attach to the new radiator.

refill and bleed the system.

it is practically impossible to solder a joint on a wet pipe, so you will have to use a compression joint.
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Thanks John D,

Yes its a combi - but no main drain cock to my surprise! - just a small one on each radiator which is easy to unscrew!. So I assume I just open one of these to get the pressure down to zero, then close up and then isolate radiator to be removed and cut into pipe below the valves to install new ones and new pipe alignment? and then connect up to new radiator?

Is it really that easy, I thought I would get water coming out from adjacent rads also upstairs, but suppose I could isolate these as well?

oops - just re-read your response and noted I need to make sure there is only one pipe opened at each time!

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