replacing built in single oven and microwave with double oven

8 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi all

We've recently moved into house with a single oven and microwave built in to some kitchen units in a stack, with microwave integrated directly above the main single oven. The kitchen is a reasonably new howdens which we intend to keep, however the appliances themselves have all been reused from an older kitchen and need replacing- the single oven has just blown the heating element which is forcing our hand so I'm now looking to buy a new one.

I'd like to fit a double oven, but not sure if we can make it all fit - the single oven is 60cm tall and the microwave is 45cm (it's actually a lot smaller but has loads of trim above and below) but I'm not sure if we can get a taller main double oven and a more compact microwave. Is there any sense to replacing the microwave with a slimmer model - assuming such a thing can be found - and fitting a built-under double (around 71is cm seems to be the going size)? I'm also considering a compact oven/microwave as a second oven and replace the single like-for-like - my hesitation is that these compact ovens with microwave seem have mixed reviews and are very expensive.

We haven't enough work surface for a non-integrated microwave.

A last option would be to get a chippy round to rejig the built-in units to give us more height to work with, as there is a cupboard above and below the appliances which we could cut down the size of - but that would be pricey, require the good fortune of finding replacement doors etc in the matching kitchen trim, and also result in the microwave being uncomfortably high for my wife.

I'd be grateful for any advice on options, including any specific models that people have had good experiences with.


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