Replacing cast in-situ lintel

1 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
I am looking to widen the opening that my front door currently sits within. I get the logic of how this is done but i have only ever seen examples with a standard lintel being removed. I guess it is similar but is there anything that needs to be done differently when replacing a cast in-situ lintel. How are they then best removed?

The SE has calculated that the total load on lintel will be 7.9kN and has specified;

I am planning on using 2nr prestressed lintels like these "Link" side by side

The opening is being widened to circa 1400mm so this will give 150+mm bearing on either side. The data sheets say they are good for 31.87kN so overkill.


Images above show what i am looking at. How is the best way to go about it.

Joists run parallel to the wall in question so no timbers bearing on that wall.
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Cut out bricks, insert lintel to one skin, let mortar set, repeat for other side, demolish below, I'd protect the door and carefully push or pull it off onto something soft or lean up those 3 planks and slide it down. As it's some sort of solid wall you probably won't need any propping.
How are they then best removed?
We attack them with a breaker, preferably with plenty of masonry surrounding them to resist the push from the breaker. If you have a bodybuilder handy, he could lift it down in a one-r.
So i am thinking get the new one installed. Stick a deck under the existing and push off allowing me to cut/break it up and drop down reducing the disturbance to the wall that is remaining. How much is that sort of thing likely to weigh?
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I’ve levered/pushed them out onto a load of cushioning celotex before. They are very heavy, not sure there’s any particularly safe way of removing them unless you’ve got loads of people
They are very heavy, not sure there’s any particularly safe way of removing them unless you’ve got loads of people
Correct. Breaking them is no fun either, what with the chunky rebar and all.
There's a bloke on here that will come round in his flip flops and lift that down. Give him a call.
Chaps i popped a few bricks out to have a closer look at whats to be done. I had planned on putting a padstone in then the lintel on top but this would involve removing blockwork internally that is not within the 1st floor floor void.

My concern is that teh mortar joints are soft and the nib that the right hand side will sit on doesn't appear to be fully tied into the side wall as i would expect(60mm overlap with return wall). Would this concern you guys? I can bust out some of the bricks marked in blue which would mean the lintel would straddle the nib and the internal return wall. Is that the way to do it? I plan to cut down the mortar joint to the right of the door to form the opening.

With the courses i have popped out so far it gives a 170mm void to fill. The lintel is 140mm. Will this be ok to bed on slightly large joints and forget about the padstone?




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