Replacing floorboards between bathroom and landing

18 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom

I am currently renovating my house and have hit a dilemma with some flooring between the bathroom and landing.

Please see the image below
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The image above shows the entrance to the bathroom from the landing. We have removed the floorboards here such that there was access for the electrics/plumbing. The floorboards were also very damaged.

I am now in a position to lay the flooring back down for the bathroom. But there are a few problems:
  • As you can see from the image the threshold between the two rooms does not lie on a joist.
  • The current floorboards (for the whole first floor) are 16mm thick and not the standard 18mm. I have been calling up local timber yards with no luck so far. The width of the current boards is 135mm.
  • We wish to have ply in the bathroom. Over boarding with 12mm or replacing with (at least) 18mm ply.
  • For additional information the bathroom will be tiled and the landing will be carpeted.

To solve these problems I currently have the following options.
  1. Continue to search Timber yards for 16mm floorboards or 18mm that can be planed down and replace both bathroom and landing floorboards. Overboard the bathroom with 12mm ply.
  2. As 1 but use 16mm floorboards ordered online these are 115mm so will need some work to lay against existing floorboards (next to rooms).
  3. Salvage the damaged floorboards and use only in the landing. Lay 18mm ply in bathroom and rest on joist in landing. Overboard landing with 2mm(???) ply such that there is no change in height due to the overhang of the bathroom flooring.

1 is the current thinking but it is proving difficult to find 16mm floorboards and so may have to revert to options 2 or 3.
3 is also not ideal as the floorboards are damaged but given we have removed them from the bathroom we can use the best bits to re-lay. Most of the tongue and groove has been removed from these boards however. The fact that the joist is not under the threshold also means overhanging one way or the other. The pipework is too high to put any large braces between the joists.

What do you think my best option is? Any advice/ideas will be highly appreciated. Happy to provide additional information too.

Thanks, Sam
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Never heard of 16mm flooring far too thin , sure you checked measurements?
Take up all bathroom flooring and reuse on landing , will be different finished height in bathroom , landing but only to be expected.
Would recommend 22mm ply under tiles .
Few noggings will help secure transition between floors .

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