Replacing Old Soffits and Fascia

24 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

I’m looking to replace my old wooden fascia’s and cement board soffits. I’m getting a mixed view on how it should be done. I have seen on a few sites and in manufacturers brochures that the soffits and fascia’s are fixed directly to the roof timbers, with some companies using small off cuts of fascia as a fixing plate/packer. However, I have had some people tell me that I should fit plywood first to strengthen up and allow fixing points for guttering.

What are your views of how it should be done?
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You haven't said what you are replacing the old ones with, but I'm guessing uPVC; and in these there are different strength/thickness fascias. Some are meant pretty much as cladding to cover and mildly strengthen existing old boards, or can also be used over new ones. But some are thick enough to stand in their own right without a timber backing support. Especially if you don't skimp on the spacing of (cheap) gutter brackets.

Personally, I would want to remove all old or rotting boards and wouldn't really want to add ply in their place. So my choice would be to go for the properly thick PVC replacements. In some cases they can be fixed to rectangles/offcuts screwed to the roof timbers. For larger widths/depth of soffit and fascia, it may be better to build/fix a kind of ladder framework to the roof timbers and wall.
as above.
rotted fascia can mean rotted rafter tails
how old is the property and what state is the eaves/fascia in? go up a ladder and look at the condition of the last row of tile or slate and the underlay.
could be you need to lift the last courseor two and refit a strip of underlay and eaves plastic protectors and fascia vents
Sorry KevDIY forgot to state that I was replacing with UPVC. What you have said is pretty much the same as what I have seen on other site and in brochures.

Bobasd: Property is 40+ years old, Currently fascia arent too bad but are showing signs of softening, cracking, twisting etc. What you have suggested was on my plan. Sadly Ilive on small island where the buiders merchant doesnt keep much in stock, so I need to make sure sure Im doing everything right when I order materials otherwise I could be waiting 2 weeks for more materials.
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40 or so years isnt old but get up a ladder,have someone foot it, andhave a look at all fascia runs. why not take photos and post them on here.just a thought
40 or so years isnt old but get up a ladder,have someone foot it, andhave a look at all fascia runs. why not take photos and post them on here.just a thought

You're right Bobasd 40 years isnt old but I know this house was built on a very low budget. A friend of mine has a house built by the same company around the same time and he has told me that things like the sarking felt was left hanging in the cavity between the frame wall and block skin.

As soon as the weather allows I will push back a few rows of tiles and inspect from above and post the results.
I advise finding out (a test costs c. £50) which will then guide your following course of action :)

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