Rewiring Lights in a Maisonette

7 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I am trying to bring a ground floor maisonette up to modern day standards to sell it. The sockets appear to have been rewired some time ago but the lighting circuit has not and has old brown switches and no earth.

The problem that I have is that the lighting cables are not in conduit and do not look like they will pull through. Are the only options to hack away at the ceiling/walls or ask the upstairs neighbour if I can pull up her floor boards? (I can't see her liking that)

Any help would be appreciated. Good jokes might also be appreciated

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sure it's floorboards?
between me and my downstairs neighbour, it's concrete.. ( just her downstairs, me upstairs.. )
Cutting channels into the walls is inevitable, unless you want the wiring clipped on the surface.

The ceilings might not be that bad, you may be able to make a hole where the light fitting goes, another at the edge by the wall and fish the wires through.

Alternatively, fit 2x2 battens to the ceiling, fit round conduit for the new wires and fix plasterboard/skim over the top.
if it is a floorboard ceiling ( you know what I mean ) then one option is to pull the plasterboard down.. or do as sugested above but you loose ceiling height that way..
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Thanks for the tips. My aim was to avoid decorating and make the place safe. I have assumed it is necessary to install an earth circuit as RCD's wouldn't do the job legally?? If anyone know differently please let me know

It looks like I will need to do some decorating after all.

Hello. I'd love to make an omlette, but I don't want to break any of the eggs. Any ideas, please?

get yourself down to your nearest outdoor sports store ( the kind that sells tents and ski's and canoes etc.. ) and they will have powdered egg in a pouch.. just add water and mix..
no eggs broken.. ( not entirely sure if it's egg to start with )

so OP.. are you sure it's a cavity floor? or is your ceiling just dropped below the concrete?

are you sure that the lights are not in conduit? get a pic inside a switch and behind a ceiling rose and we'll cast a professional eye on it..
Thanks ColJack,

I'll get some pics tomorrow and post them on here. I'll also have a proper look to see how the ceiling is secured.

So you can make an omelette without cracking eggs!
If it is an old council property, or similar, it could even be wired in pyro, a lot round here were, and the other posts are correct, you need to break some eggs

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