Ring Pro Doorbell (24vac) with old 8v bell system?

7 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

We have an old servants bell system in our house from the 1920s/1930s (see pics). It's rated at 8v and is currently hooked up to a Friedland 753 8vac transformer, which is interestingly outputting 15.63vac according to my multimeter.

A few years ago I replaced the front door bell push with one of the original Ring Video Doorbells and it's been working fine with the old bell system on the supplied voltage.

We'd now like to upgrade to a Ring Pro Video Doorbell. This requires 24vac and the kit includes the necessary 24vac transformer, but we still want to use the existing bell system.

I'm wondering if I can just replace the Friedland transformer with the Ring supplied 24v one or if this might burn it out the old bell system as it's too far beyond its rating? By the way, all the wiring to the various bell pushes around the house was updated in 2011, but the coils in the bell system are old (see pic)

If simply swapping the transformers is not an option, I'm wondering if, with some extra components if needed, there is a way to wire it up so that I can supply the required 24v to the Video Doorbell but only 8v (or near that) to the bells themselves?

Thanks in advance
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Links in this post may contain affiliate links for which DIYnot may be compensated.
Apologies, i misunderstood you thought you wanted the ring to operate the butlers bell for the front door.


Yes, that is what I would like. When someone pushes the button on the Ring it should ring the butler's bell for the front door and make the little indicator flag swing.
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You can indeed. How would you wire it in?

Guess you would still need a relay, in which case he might as well use the 2 transformers he has.

I believe the transformer supplied with the Ring has output terminals for 8, 16 and 24vac (might be 8, 12, 24)

So how might I wire it all up with a relay to provide the ring with the 24vac it needs for video while only providing ~8vac to the butler's bells?

Is there a relay you'd recommend? (I don't know much about relays)

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I thought you were saying I could wire in a relay such that when the Ring doorbell button is pushed that the 24v transformer energises/activates the relay and closes the circuit to allow the 8v transformer to ring the bells?

I've tried to draw what I think that looks like, but I expect I don't have it quite right.
Would something like the below be possible?

It would appear (from a quick read of the manual) that the Ring Pro is not designed to be linked to an existing doorbell. You might be able to do something clever with the Pro Chime (included with the Pro) but it would be a big bodge- best to either stick with what you have or go for Ring 1 or 2 (which are designed to link to an existing doorbell)

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