Risco Lightsys PIR help!

21 Aug 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone, I’ve currently purchased most of a Risco Lightsys2 system accept for pirs.
I opted for the elegant keypad as I think it’s really nice and would look great in our home, we currently have an accenta alarm and have many wired PIRs/ wired door/ shock sensors.

Can someone please help me with compatable wired pet pir sensors/ door/ shock sensors for this new Lightsys2 system? Almost all of the Risco sensors seem to be wireless, nothing against them but I’ve hardwired this alarm years ago and hopefully wish to keep it all hardwired - just an old school trait I have!

Many thanks in advance for any help, Liam.
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The issue with lightsys is that you set the mode for hardwired devices globally if I recall correctly., its been a while but for example the panel can do one wiring type for all zones as do the expanders, the latest manual for your particular version of panel or expander should confirm this. Its been a while since I last did a Light SYS panel.

Also the panel has Common terminal in the middle of the zone terminals ie Z1 COM Z2 Z3 COM Z4 on the Accenta you have two terminals for each zone. So best to use Double EOL and use resistors if possible.
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Thanks for that. Yeh your right with regards to the common terminal - its much better than this accenta set up! I’m familiar with EOL but not so much double EOL, Looking at the below manual it doesn’t look to bad, just two 2.2k resistors, I think I’ll go with Texecom PIRS as there seems to be a lot of guidance online if I get stuck!
I also guess the door/ shock sensors will be the same double EOL resistors too?
Thanks again for all your help, it’s much appreciated!!


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You where looking at pet detectors ? What pets have you got ? …..I wouldn’t fit texecom pet detectors
We only have a chocolate lab, she’s around 30kg so pretty large…. Do you have any recommendations on pet detectors that are hard wired? Thanks again
Think your dog is too big to use pet sensors.
It's also important to site pet sensors in the correct position,not just about getting cable to most convenient position.
That’s not a problem. I’ll just deactivate the room the dog stays in when we do a partial set… thanks for your advice guys, if I just buy normal PIRs do we think Texecom would be suitable or is there any better? Thanks again all.
Not a fan of pet sensors full stop, Texecom capture can switch between normal and pet modes.

Q20 and D20 not sure on et size limits but P15's have a larger limit option.

Indeed pets that stand on their hind legs or jump up ,ay activate the sensors, and if the PIR cant see a Labrador on its hind legs you ain't going to see someone rob you stood up either.

Better to have in pet in a separate room say Kitchen and have perimeter protection in that room.
Your right, I never thought of it like that.
I’ll go with normal PIRs, where the dog sleeps I’ll deactivate and just use perimeter protection. I do like the P15s and I can use it normal instead of the optional pet wise mode. I guess the P15 will be suitable for the lightsys2 risco alarm providing I use double eol?
Thanks again for your help.
yes you can choose on the slider, i prefer the q and d 20s but for your dog you may have no choice. you need to check the dog against the spec.

that said if your not using pet mode then doesnt matter, just q and are better detectors
Hello everyone, I’ve purchased D20 PIRs but having a little issue with the resistor values,
I have the risco Lightsys2 panel and according to the manual it’s saying use 2x 2.2 resistors for DEOL, however these texecom D20 only have the option for 2.2 and 4K7 resistors on the variable switching options in the sensor, please view the attached images and please can anyone advise if 2 x 2.2 resistors would be sufficient in the D20s? Thanks again everyone.


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you can select on the panel or you can select 0 on the pir and manually add the resistors to the PIR

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