RKP addressing, 8XP-W adding

The prox tag, gets presented to the prox sign on the keypad.

Once a user has a prox tag assigned, that's it, it does not require activating on every keypad, the system should be able to read it.
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Hmmmm, it doesn't on the second keypad and does work on the first keypad. Maybe faulty RKP.
if it has the prox symbol, then you need to look at why it isn't working.

1. does it have the prox symbol
2. when you lift off the front of the key pad can you see the coil on the pcb, just above the speaker.
3. what voltage is getting to the keypad
4. what is the address of the keypad (Press Yes and menu on keypad to confirm)
1. Yes, has the prox symbol
2. I will have to find out later
3. I will have to find out later
4. Address 2

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Just another point to add, I remember at one point when I presented the tag to the 2nd RKP, it did make a beep as though it acknowledged it but did not say anything on the keypad. Now it doesn't even do that.
if the voltage is low, double up the cores providing power at both ends if possible.
Hi, so I have tested voltage and its 12.71v between the power. So voltage not an issue. The PROX symbol is on the keypad. Do I need to unassign the tags and start again?

Also, does anyone know how to change the exit tone when arming? Its a continuous beep. Would have preferred a beep beep beep instead.

If the tags work at one keypad, then they should work on any unless you have local arming and disarming on the user and the other keypad isn't assigned to the same areas as the user.

Have you measured your on your other keypads, as the system/ network voltage is usually 1V higher at 13.7V?
Not sure at what point the prox drops off mind.

The com 2400 can do remote control via wintex only and that would you to dial in remotely.
You can do these things with the app, so need a comip or com wifi, you can also use wintex wherever you have an internet connection.

as for changing the tones don't think there has been a way to do that,, I certainly never have and I cant see anywhere to do it, can certainly turn them off full stop but not change the sound itself.
Also, does anyone know how to change the exit tone when arming? Its a continuous beep. Would have preferred a beep beep beep instead.
Exit tones, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep = Everything ok

Beep, beep, beep, beep etc = Stop, Listen, There is a problem, Stop, Listen, There is a problem, Stop, Listen, There is a problem,

Get the idea, a beeping sound is more urgent. Means there is a problem (y)
That would be the issue you would have to change several tones to make them distinct from one another.

I guess that's why some like panels that talk to them in a language they understand rather the beeps etc.
@Europlex lol. I find the continuous beep to be something wrong. I guess it depends on what the beeping is for. When a timer is set you expect beep beep beep like a countdown timer. Whereas a beeeeeeeeeeeep means something's jammed and you need to stop it somehow. Each to their own eh?

So back to the prox tags. Voltage on rkp1 was 13.21v.

So what i did was swapped the rkp over. Changed their addresses and confirmed devices. Still would not work with higher voltage. However rkp that was working before continued to work with voltage of 12.71v. So wires and voltage is not the issue. I have found the coil above the speaker. Looks ok. I am going to return it for a replacement. Everything else works fine on that keypad. Unless someone has other ideas?
I have a scenario if someone can point me on how to set it. I wanted full alarm set to be only 10sec for exit before being set. I wanted part arm to be set so that it is automatically silent arm using quick set. I know how to do quick set on keypads. But how can I make it so that if i press '1 then part' it should be instant part armed and no annoying beeps so kids don't wake up. Part arm is basically all downstairs zones on and upstairs off
Well that does suggest that the problem follows the keypad and nothing else something so it needs replacing, both keypad were reconnected before you tested?.

I would suggest just having it on e/e if you have a door contact, the system sets a few seconds after door has been open and closed.

area options is where you need to look, however even with silent part arm, you will get the confirmation tone its set unless you turn the tone off, but that will turn it off for everything, I believe its the service tone.
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Sorry about all the pictures. I dont mind the confirmation tone for part arm, thats fine. Area Options - Part Arm Instant and Part Arm Silent is ok?
I guess if i chose Front Door contact as part of Area A then that would mean that upon full alarm, it would instantly arm and also be silent?

I added the Users picture from Wintex. Any idea why one of the users is shown as a wireless device instead of a person? Thats user 003

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