Texecom Premier 24 with 8XP-W / DT-W - supervision faults

23 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
My Premier Elite 24 has been running well for the last weeks, but this weekend seem to have developed a bit of an issue with one of the DT-W wireless PIRs

Set up:
Texecom Premier Elite 24 (poly) - 8 wired zones in use
8XP-W wireless expander
2x DT-W Dual Tech Wireless PIRs

The first DT-W is in the living room, and is relatively close to the 8XP-W and has not had any problems.
The second DT-W is in the conservatory, so is a bit further out and has at least 2 walls between it and the 8XP-W.

On Friday I temporarily had an issue setting the alarm, as the panel was not able to communicate with the DT-W in the conservatory, but that cleared itself up on second attempt and no further issues.
This morning, I came downstairs and turned the Part Arm off, to find there was a supervision fault being reported on the keypad due to zone 10 (this conservatory DT-W), this stopped the alarm from being re-armed.

I've been able to identify the following using a combination of engineer mode, Wintex diagnostics and Ricochet Monitor, but not sure what the actual cause of the issue could be, does anyone have any ideas?

- Wintex shows the zone status with blue led and as "masked". Never seen this status before?
- Ricochet Monitor had a blue light showing for the DT-W, which indicates polling error. Also showed a long time for the last successful poll.
- If I take the battery out and re-learn device it works for a short time only - i can tell because the tampers do not all clear, and polling does not happen again for a while and the led in ricochet turns yellow to indicate polling has not occured for a while. presumably if i leave it long enough it will turn blue for polling error again
- Ricochet Monitor reports signal as being up to 3/4 bars, so it should have a decent signal
- I have already checked the firmware of the 8XP-W, and it seems to be newer than the firmware which was affected by the suspension of production. Also, if I did have that problem, it looks like the living room DT-W should have failed by now.

Only things I can think of that could be causing this are:
- DT-W is too far away from 8XP-W, but this should have been a problem earlier rather than now?
- The conservatory is now too cold for the DT-W, but while cold it is still warmer than the -10 degrees minimum operating temperature?
- Battery issues? no low battery warning yet, and its been used 2 weeks max in hybrid mode
- Faulty DT-W or 8XP-W?
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did you complete the comissioning mode and if so for how long or did you use ricochet monitor?

what is the device set to alaways awake, or hybrid? should be hybrid.

how many devices on the system.

what are the sinal strengths showing?
what are the sinal securities showing in ricochet monitior?
wireless devices are in Hybrid mode, they seem to default to Hybrid mode and i chose not to change that.

2 wireless devices connected

For the signal strengths and signal security, i'll have to test again and gather those stats.

I won't be able to look at them again til tomorrow evening. For now I have turned off the Device that is having polling issues and taken the zone out of use so i can continue to use the alarm

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