30 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Our loo seems to be blocked, put one of the sprung rodding tools down but that's only 6ft and didn't hit anything. Just bought one of the larger plastic rod sets but I can't see that happily going down the pan! Is it normal to take the pan off to access the soil pipe direct with these things? Can't see any rodding points on the stacks, there is an air tight manhole in our conservatory but that's 6ft deep from what I was told so don't fancy taking it up if I can help it and even if I did am not sure the rods would flex enough to bend round the corner.
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I wouldn't like to take a pan off :cry:

Has your rod set came with a plunger tool? I would try this or an ordinary plunger and hope you can build up some pressure to shift the problem. Personally I would lift that manhole if you can as if this is clear then you know its blocked before this. If this is also blocked you know its after
Thanks this one didn't come with a plunger but I tried a normal sink one with no luck. May try to get a larger one before I do anything else, we have another 2 Loo's upstairs so not desperate yet, this one is downstairs and seems to run underground to the manhole so no s&v for it unless it joins one of the others before the manhole.

The downstairs loo of the neighbour downstream seems OK.
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Ground floor WC is likely to be directly connected to the drain. Doubt removing the pan will achieve anything, as blockage is 99% certain to be in the horizontal run, doubtful you'll get them around the bend at the bottom without a struggle.

Go With Andy's advice, lift manhole cover and see whats going on. If the chamber is full then rodding from the WC would achieve nothing anyway. If full, possibly easier to work from downstream neighbours pit and rod towards blockage. If your pit empty, work out which drain goes to affected WC (get someone to flush other toilets/run sinks and see what emerges where), hopefully 'dry' pipe will go to affected WC, rod that and see if you hit the problem!
Thanks all, that's tonights task!

Am hoping it's the parazone wipes it turns out the wife has been flushing because it says "flushable" on the pack! :(
When you say "seems" to be blocked, what do you mean?

Have you tried an old style cotton headed mop plunged up and down in the pan?

When you say "seems" to be blocked, what do you mean?

Have you tried an old style cotton headed mop plunged up and down in the pan?


The water doesn't drain when flushed (well it does but takes a long time). I don't have an old style mop, but I used a sink plunger and also pushed a 6foot spring down which didn't catch on anything. I will get a larger plunger tonight and give that a go, then life the manhole if no luck.
I always find an old style mop to be the best tool.

Use with water standing in the pan.

Unlikely any plunger will work well as the diameter is not constant.

The attachment for the Karcher is a basic version of the kit the pro's use. Will give drains a good clean I would think, but depending on pressure it could also find any defects in the drain (i.e. broken bits of pipe etc) and may cause more issues than it solves.

If all is running ok, i'd leave well alone and please ban those wretched wipes! They are 'flushable' so far as they'll go round the bend, but they then cause all manner of problems as you've found out! Wipes do not degrade, those that make it as far as the works are screened out at the inlet, the rest that dont get that far cost a fortune to remove. (Usually after they've blocked the sewer....)

Anglian Water video on the problem, it's worth a watch for the effects if not the message: and this shows the scale of the problem with fat/wipes etc....

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