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1 Aug 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am trying to do the guttering so the house roof guttering downpipe comes down the side of the conservatory full wall and then the conservatory guttering links into a drain like shown in picture in the link, my question is is there a propper unit to achive this or do i need to open up a big anough hole on the side for house roof downpipe to fit into the side.

Or any other ideas would be much appriciated

Also will these hoppers fit striaght into the underground pipe shown in this picture ?


Thanks for you time

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Also will these hoppers fit striaght into the underground pipe shown in this picture ?
Will need a straight connector as well, having said that, won't have any u-bend trap to collect any debris, better off fitting a bottle gulley with the built-in trap for collecting debris etc, you will need to add an elbow as well.

or have this one in front of your conservatory plus connect round the side for your house downpipe with another gully hopper or a bottle gulley

house gulley
Hi masona,

Thats brilliant information thanks very much for that will get that sorted out this weekend ;)

Just noticed you haven't got much room on the right side of the conservatory :oops: I suppose you could extend the downpipe from the house with a slight fall to the conservatory hopper, would be easier to do it now before the glass/frame goes up or you even drop the downpipe onto the conservatory roof but I'm not keen on that idea as the conservatory gutter might not be able to cope and the roof sheet will looks more dirty than others or re-position the downpipe
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Hi masona,

Thanks again

I recon i could sqeeze it down that one corner to be honest i tried with a off cut of pipe seems to just get through :D , i really dont like the idea of having it on the conservatory either, roll on tomorrow can get this done ;)

Good advice from Masona there, pipe round the side before the frames go on would be great.

Is that a new wall being built attached to the house just under the windows? Hows that work then? [I know jack shyte about conservatories, lol :oops: ]
This is how we do it, if this what you mean or did you mean the battens on the wall?

Ive done what you said and its worked a treat thanks again ;) but for those battons on the wall they are actually sticky tape holding the DPM up against house for a bit :LOL: :LOL:

And yes the metal things are wall starter kits to hold the conservatory from tipping over :LOL:

As usual, Masona has good, considered things to say. However, is there no way clubb that you can approach your neighbour and have the fence panels lifted? It will make the job so much easier.

Pics of your whole rear elevation would help.

You have mortar smears on the vertical abutment - tape a vertical plumb line and strip the tape after pointing. It will give you a neat finish. Mortar/compo snots and smears shout when the job is dry.

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