Roofing chimney advice please

25 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
So we recently bought a house that had a chimney breast removed and supported at loft level on brackets. I noticed when heavy rain there was water coming through the chimney stack and hitting the ceiling causing a stain below.

there was already mushroom caps fitted and the haunching on the top looked cracked and damaged. I got a roofer recommended by a friend to take a look and quote me to repair the chimney flashing and haunching. He was quite expensive but I wanted a proper job done on it so was happy to pay.

whilst here he advised me that another option is to have the pots removed and cemented over to seal it permenantly, as an amateur I thought this made sense and was happy to go with it. Pots removed chimney not looks neatly sealed and water leaking has stopped.

mentioning to a friend in the trade he has advised me that this was a bad move and that although not used the chimney will get condensation build up with no way to vent.

is this true, will I need to put the chimney pots back. There is also no vents in the loft for the part sub roof level it’s sealed with plasterboard and render.

The chimney was removed back in 1995 and looks structurally in good repair other than the mortar and pots issue mentioned before.

Any help and advice is appreciated, can I cut a vent in the ceiling maybe?
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