rubber weather boot dislodged, rear caliper on Bora

17 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
2004 Bora 1.9 TDI

The rubber weather boot on the piston has pulled out of its seat in the piston bore.

I'm presume the boot had stuck in the piston groove so unable to rotate, hence pulled out.

I'll have to get it sorted. Greased up as a temp. measure.

When reinserting the boot, is it wise to apply some red rubber grease to the piston groove to keep the boot lip from sticking in future as the piston rotates?
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A good move indeed....its not unusual for the boot to pick up on the piston. It could be a sod to get the boot back in though - have you managed it?
John :)
Not done yet.

The piston will have to be wound out of the bore, all cleaned, weather boot refitted to the piston bore, then the piston refitted on the screw shaft.
Good luck with it....if it all goes pear shaped a replacement caliper is easy to fit and not too expensive.
John :)
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Many thanks John

If a new piston seal or weather boot is needed, I'll contact

They supplied me with some Punto caliper slider pin rubbers a couple of years ago.
I've used that firm to supply me with replacement bleed nipples - a good find!
Lets know how the job goes.....never done a VW one, the last was an early Mazda MX5 and it wasn't fun.
John :)