Rusting Audi



I could scour the internet, but would be subsumed by ancient remedies...

I have an Audi (52 plate) with a rust spot on the wheel arch... are there any kits, or techniques i should apply to knock this on the head?

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30 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
Depends how big and where, really. I've recently done a few on my car - the largest being about the size of a penny in diameter, the smallest being about the size of a pinhead. I scraped the paint and loose rust off with the point of a scriber, then used one of those "fibreglass pencils". You can get them in Halfords. The ends of the fibres are quite abrasive and do a good job of locally getting the rust (mostly) off without damaging too much of the surrounding paint. After that, a drop of Hammerite Kurust on the exposed, slightly rusty metal to turn it black. After that, a bit of zinc-rich primer of some sort, and then a bit of touch-up paint. If it's a metallic or pearlescent finish, you're unlikely to get a good match this way though.

Worth searching on Youtube for the "Langka System". Developed for stone chips that hadn't gone through to the metal, but you might be able to use something like that on your chip, depending on how big it is.
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