saab 93 2.2 tid 2002

10 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a fault code thats come up saying egr valve. the symptoms are lots of black smoke through every gear and sometimes a bit of a splutter or flat spot when at a steady speed, and now and again it goes into limp mode, but if i stop and start again its ok. I have had egr valve off and manifold it was really sooted up. so i cleaned it all up and mechanically it works fine, put it back on nut there is no difference. it seems like its running very rich , and im getting about 31 mpg. garage told me egr valve but thats easy for them to say that and when thats not it , it must be something else. i want to try all other avenues first before i have to start spending stupid money for these parts.Anyone help please.[/b]
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I have to concur, the EGR valve is very prone to problems on these, together with the turbo, to a lesser extent. You may also find a lot of gunge in the intercooler.
John :)
A split intercooler will give you lots of black smoke and rubbish fuel economy but you should be able to hear a change in engine noise if it's gone.
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althought the egr valve may look clean and move freely if its electrically operated the servo motor could have failed
found out it was a hole in the intercooler. replaced with new one, took about 2hrs diy. jobs a good un.