saab 93

10 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
i have a 2002 saab 93 dti 2.2 i've recently had some black smoke when i pull away around when the turbo kicks in, also sometimes i get a bit of stuttering/missing effect. all filters have been changed and i put some injector cleaner through it. today i cleaned the egr valve and there was a lot of black deposit on it which i cleaned with carb cleaner. i was told this could be a clogged lambda sensor. is this right and where on the engine is it. thanks in advance
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Lambda sensor in the exhaust pipe/lower manifold. Suspect engine temperature sensor? The car thinks its on cold start all the time, worth checking and not an expensive sensor.
Might be worth getting the fault codes read, local garage wont change that much, just ask for a price first.
i dont think this engine has lambda sensors, id be looking somewhere like the turbo control circuit ie wastegate control
Does the management light come on at all?
Its not a lambda probe problem - I'm not sure this engine actually has them, but in time they all will.....
The filthy EGR is probably the cause of this problem, and it does seem that the turbo is passing more oil than it should......maybe it would be worth taking the pipes off for a further check? This engine is known for splitting turbo pipes, too.
John :)
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