saab 93 150BHP EGR Valve

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i think I may be doing that
I'd blank it off

would that reduce all the crap coming into the inlet valve ?

I would need the ECU remapped though otherwise i will get a engine fault light
removed battery for 20mins

fault has changed now

Not yet had the issue with engine light coming on at all when starting - which was the original issue
not had the air leak error code again since tightened everything last night

Just the spanner coming on now after about 4miles
If i reset the spanner with code reader - then the initial car check is all OK
and the engine drives fine for another 4miles

been out today doing some running and getting wife to drive
so three times now the engine spanner comes on - no engine light , just the spanner and limited performance
all at 3.7 miles and in almost exact spot on the dual carriage way - 50yards before a u-turn point
went out with the wife - she drove and said the car was performing as it do monday - so all OK
3.7 miles - spanner light again - same error - same code P0400
RESET and started again 1.4miles
RESET while wife driving and went another 14miles all ok
went up a hill and put my foot down and rev - MAP 230 reading
went around round about as coming down hill - slight loss of revs and spanner light - p0400 code reset again and drove home

just need to fix the spanner light now , so any ideas for further diagnostic - before I do start chucking parts at it

the car seems to driving as before , good revs good pull in low revs
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You seem to be winning ...................
very slowly

update for tonight

thanks for keeping repling

as you have been saying EGR valve

I was never 100% happy about the pin in the solenoid

I also removed the solenoid and cleaned that with carb cleaner and with WD40 - so the pin clicked in and out

i just thought the pin moved just a little bit and held back with a spring and then the solenoid extended and the spring snapped back

Well I have looked at an article here
, I thought I would have the EGR valve off again (as i now can do that on and off in about 20mins)
and the pin did not move
So i used a pair of pliers and it pulled out - but was very sticky - a bit of carb cleaner and electrical cleaner and i got it a lot freer, to the point where it would drop out as i moved up and down - so I thought i had it fixed

went out for a drive and the car was great , responsive again at low revs - so I know before it was not right - 32 miles later and having a really nice drive . i turned the car off - waited for 3-4mins and when i turned back on again - no faults - but it was not the same drive another 12 miles and had a P0400 reading but no fault light , but the car is just not the same

so it has to be that solenoid, i will take it out again tomorrow , and decide if i want to break open over the weekend - or soak all day in carb cleaner and really give it a clean
and then if not order a new one, shame you cannot just buy the solenoid ......

thanks for staying with me on this - all you advice and help keeps me on track , and i'm sure will get to the bottom of this - like i did on the zafira, which was a clogged up lever on the vacuum pipe and that took a few goes of wd40 to get going
Yes, it usually gets to a stage when you have to start replacing parts. As long as all the easy stuff has been checked (cleaned etc) there isn't much more you can do. Especially if you get good results for a while after you clean it again. Even if only for a short time, it will let you see its definitely the solenoid.
A garage would not be able to spend that length of time on it, so well worth the effort.

Did you check out E-Bay for a valve, just for comparison to your local supplier?
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i know when I was looking into the vauxhall zafria which had a fault
and I cleaned all that out and the manifold - which was hardly caked up
just hard crust , which I cleaned off
and a bit of WD40 on the sticking vacuum pump, which drove a flap in the inlet and its done
And was solved with the help of this forum

134K miles all stop start journeys, with a 100 mile trip once a week - but lots of stop start every day otherwise and nothing like as clogged as this saab , which is pretty much a vauxhall

but they wanted £270 for the EGR valve - silly price

But £652 - wow

but i will be cleaning the egr and throttle body every year now,
once i have this thing working !!!

whatever happened to a simple carb a bit of wire to the throttle pedal and distributor and points
all easy to remove clean and setup - good old TDC
Ordered new EGR valve - should arrive tomorrow - £57.60 all in delivered next day
fingers crossed
then I will have a go at the old one and see if I can repair the solenoid
it was still loose - but as i moved in and out it was sticking slightly
and i guess the solenoid is being adjusted across the range of the valve - at least thats what a vauxhall appears to do, moves across a range

strange how it just went so well yesterday for 32miles before starting up again

everything crossed that this fixes the issue

gave solenoid and valve another really good clean and soak today and reset battery and knew straight away not working as well - travelled 8 miles and did get a few P0400 readings on the code reader noticed that when power loss for a second and then read the code and get p0400 - reset codes

but no error lights at all this time in 8 miles

thanks to all - i'll update over the weekend , when fitted
I updated on Saturday !!!! and not here
anyway here it is

new part egr valve arrived at 8:45 friday - so I fitted
took battery out 15mins and let car idle for 15mins

took for 11mile run - few stops and starts and running really well NO Fault codes on code reader or on Dash board

So I have packed all my tools away and put everything back in the boot - so its nolonger a workshop and now wait and see

I really want to thank you all for staying with me on this , i'm sort of gald it didnt fix it with an EGR clean- i would never have taken the throttle body off and cleaned and that was in a mess, or the MAP or MAF - so all good really , and time I have plenty off at the moment
also a lot more confident now on playing with modern engines

you really have been great here - so thanks again

Aircon fixed on Saturday, with a free tests and then a refill from my local ATS

Just wanted to also mention , the place i purchased the part are a saab parts specialist and very good prices

Now I have done 200miles and working perfectly
Just wanted to also mention , the place i purchased the part are a saab parts specialist and very good prices[/QUOTE]

Another thumbs up for "Neo Bros" we on the Saab forums use them all the time for new and used parts, they also do tuning/remapping as well.

Glad you got there in the end, although i'm still in favour of petrol engines and you would have to go a long way to persuade me to drive a diesel.
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