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26 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I recently installed a Salus iT500 thermostat coupled with a RX500 boiler receiver & the unit works fine except every time my BT internet hub 5 resets, the Salus remote control web page/app reports my device as off-line. The RX500 boiler control unit & RF gateway plugged into the hub both still show green lights which (according to the manual) is supposed to indicate it's on line to the Salus server. I can still control both heating & hot water locally via the iT 500 thermostat but I cannot get the device to register back on line again unless I disconnect/reconnect the Salus gateway to my router or power it down/up again, effectively rebooting it!

This means if my internet hub resets while I'm away from home (as it almost certainly sometimes will), I will be unable to remotely control my heating system which was the whole purpose of buying the Salus iT unit in the first place! Surely this isn’t right, any ideas/advice from you Heating Engineers?
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I've got an iT500 and its proven to be very reliable.
However my internet router doesn't reset all the time, in fact it only ever resets if i perform a reset manually or the power goes out. I don't think its normal for your BT hub to always be resetting? maybe there's an issue with it. Maybe log into the admin page and see if there's any messages or if an update is available.
Thanks MM66 for the response & your correct; it's not normal for the BB hub to reset frequently but, after many faultless years of BB service, I've had an on-going problem with frequent & sometimes multiple resets in the space of an hour for getting close to a year now. I've had numerous conversations & 4 visits from BT Openreach Engineers in the last 4 months without a cure & even senior BT Engineers I'm dealing with openly admit there is a problem/fault somewhere on my line, they just don't seem to be able to locate it! I'm due another Engineer visit next week so I live in hope that this particular problem will be cured in the next few months, even if they have give me a new fibre connection to the exchange from my local box 1/2 mile up the road or the copper, overhead wire crap that still connects me to it!

But these current BB problems I'm experiencing are entirely unrelated; I'm looking for advice if the Salus iT500 system can cope with BB hub (of whatever make) resets without sending the device off line after the hub reconnects & you then have to reboot locally to get it back on line! Salus technical have yet to respond to my questions, hence my post! You can never guarantee there won't be a hub reset (it's not under your control) so if it happens while I'm away from home, my device will go off line rendering the Salus remote access system useless. If so I will have wasted my time & money installing it, I'l be stuffed & still come home to freezing cold house unless I revert to plan "B" phoning my neighbour up to turn the heating on - why I bought the Salus system in the first place!
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Well I know there are opinionated comments about both products but, like all reviews, you have to read between the lines as many of the comments are down to personalised experiences!

My experience with BT hubs goes back many years & my current hub 5 has proven faultless since installed about 3 years ago, up until around January when I started getting the reset problem. I should point out that this has been proven to be due to a line fault rather than a hub fault.

Regarding Salus; the iT500 Internet Stat replaces an RT500RF Stat that’s been working faultlessly since early 2014 so I decided to stick with an upgraded Salus product. Yes they are at the budget end but possibly because the alternatives are overpriced & over specced! I need basic internet control, not geeky looks or the self learning & mostly useless stuff many of the higher priced units offer. The new Salus unit may turn out to be a pup & not fit for purpose &, if so, I will return it & demand a full refund but I won’t personally condemn it until I have gained personal experience one way or the other.

Do you have any meaningful comments or advice that may help me sort this, either way?
It's called picking one's arguments. And judging by your post, I can't be arsed to describe the number of assorted home hubs going back to the hub 3 sitting in a bin in my workshop along with a load of schitty Salus and Drayton thermostats.

But hey you crack on. You obviously know better than someone who installs smart Heating controls for a living.

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I don't pretend I know better than anyone mate, hence the reason for my post. I was looking for genuine advise on a particular product from folks who may have installation experience with them - much like you really I suppose! Unfortunately all your contribution consisted of was a smart arse one liner, slagging off the product without any helpful explanation or detail; not much help in solving my problem really!

I was a daily contributor on several of the DIYnot forums for many years, almost from their inception, I had almost forgotten why I stopped contributing: but now I remember. :rolleyes:

Thanks for your input, the emoji's are much better these days though. :D

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