Salus RT500RF and WB 37CDi boiler

3 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom

I'm looking for some help as I'm confused. I have installed a Salus RT500RF and connected the receiver to the boiler as:

Boiler connection ------> Salus Receiver

Lr ----> NO
Ls ----> L
Ns ----> N

I have also a 'Link' from the L to COM on the Salus Receiver.

The Receiver has a red light on the front. When the programmer calls for heat the green light comes on.

The issue. When there is no heat called for (no green light on the receiver)the boiler still fires and supplies CH unit until I either remove the NO or COM cable. It seems that the switch on the Receiver isn't opening when the no heat is required. I have created a manual switch between the COM and the NO connection and when I open it the boiler shuts off.

I had an WB Digistat Optimiser installed but that failed. I have removed the ribbon cable from the boiler control side of the programmer but left it in the boiler disconnected. I'm not sure if that would cause a problem.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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You should have

The stat requires a permeant live.


Live to live

Link Live to common in receiver

LR to No in receiver

N to N

Have you set the dip switches and reset the stat to marry it to the receiver ?
Looking at your post again, I can't SE why your wiring wouldn't work ( just different to the way I do it ) so check dip switches and reset
Thanks for the reply.

On the WB board there is a specific connections for an external programmer. I have connected:

Ls (Live Supply) from the boiler to the L on the programmer receiver
Ns (Netural Return) from the boiler to the N on the programmer receiver
I have linked the L to the COM on the programmer receiver
Lr (Live Return) from the boiler to the NO on the programmer receiver.

The is a red light on the programmer receiver indicating there is power.

When the wireless programmer calls for heat the green light comes on and goes off when the programmer stops calling for heat. The boiler doesn't stop the CH.

I don't think I need to change the dip switches as the receiver and the wireless transmitted are working. I have reset the transmitter.
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Thanks again.

All dip switches (1 - 5) are set to 'on' on the receiver and the transmitter has all 5 jumpers connected/closed.

I suspect a fault switch in the Salus receiver.
Your meant to set the dip switches.


1 and 4 pushed down on the receiver

1 and 4 covers removed on the back of stat

For example

Check out this section of the manual

They now have the same address. Stick a pin in the reset hole on the stat and then re set the time, day ect
Thanks Terry, I have tried you suggestions but still the same result. I don't think the problem is with the communication between the transmitter and the receiver and the green light on the receivers comes on and goes off when the transmitter asks for heat. The problem is that the receiver is not opening the switch when demand is not required thus the boiler has a closed circuit and continues to supply the central heating.
No I removed the link between ls and lr. I double checked because that would have been the answer. I have also re-terminated the wires just in case!!
Also have you got the Eco button on ? If this is off the boiler may be on pre heat when you turn it back on
I have disconnected the Lr and the CH doesn't not start until I manually connected the Lr wire to the NO. This is when there is no demand from the thermostat/programmer.

I have tested the NO connection and there is power to the terminal when there is no wire in the terminal and no demand for CH. This is why I think the receiver switch is faulty.

I have tried with both the Eco button on and off. It makes no difference.
It could be that the Relay is faulty in the receiver, I have had a couple of dodgy Salus stats.

If you are getting live at the NO terminal of the receiver and the green light is off on the receiver, I can only assume that is the case
Thanks Terry. I suspect a faulty unit. I bought it today so I will take it back on Monday.

Many thanks for your help and Happy New Year!!

Did you get a resolution to this problem ? I have got exactly the same issue on my Salus/Worcester system.



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