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30 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
No doubt you have answered this type of question many times before but I've already checked out a few of he answers and none of them seem to fit my query (worryingly!).

We were flooded last year and currently have the cable from our satellite dish running externally to the caravan we are living in. We are due to move back into the house soon and need the new sockets that the builder has put in place connecting up. The set up is as follows;

Ariel on roof with tv cable running down front of house to socket in lounge already connected. Three new tv sockets which we had put in each bedroom when we had rewire prior to flooding which are coiled in loft with booster awaiting connection to ariel. Two new tv points in lounge which are wired under the floor to the point where the existing tv cable came in and coiled externally.

Existing telephone extension socket in main bedroom which runs to external main phone point fed by telegraph pole. Two new telephone sockets in lounge wired under the floor to where the main tv point enters the house in the hallway and coiled internally.

Three new satellite sockets, 2 in lounge, 1 in kitchen which are wired under the floor to the point in lounge where the old satellite cable came in and coiled externally.

One set of tv/phone/satellite sockets in the lounge are basically just in case of future furniture move arounds and apart from the phone socket are unlikely to be used once we have fitted the furniture in.

Does this sound as though everything is in place where it should be ready to be connected up or should it be routed differently? We are concerned because we are having laminate flooring laid next week so it will be difficult to move cables after this. It has been suggested that we may need a satellite booster. Can this be fitted externally or where should it go? Will we need a new ariel on the roof? Any ideas of how much this should all cost pease?
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I'm no expert, and I'm sure one will be along shortly to tell me that I'm wrong ;) However, I'm pretty sure that you're not going to need a satellite signal booster, - each socket should connect seperately to the LNB on the dish (you may need to replace a single LNB with a quad one if you only had a single LNB previously). I presume you're in the UK, - if so have you considered wether you are likely to wish to use the Sky Plus service in the future?, if so, remember that you will need to have 2 sockets to connect a Sky Plus set top box.
All 3 of your satellite connections need to go back to the dish.

All the TV aerial cables should be run to the loft. Plug the aerial into a booster or masthead amplifier and plug all the cables from the sockets into it.

There are better ways of doing it so that you only have 2 cables going to the living room and one to each bedroom\kitchen for satellite and TV.

A loftbox will use just 2 cables to transmit the signal of 4 when proper wall plates are used in the living room.

This brings 2 satellite feeds, (Sky+/SkyHD) 1 Terrestrial TV signal, and 1 RF2 return path

This then distrubutes the sky tv RF2 output to all other outputs and lets you use the magic eyes
kky has covered the TV stuff.

Phones need to be daisy chained, from point a to b, b to c etc.

If they have all been run in 3 pair cable you can take them to a central point and link them 'in the style of a daisy chain' but you need to know about krone IDC blocks or patch panel stuff which is OTT for your needs.

I've fitted quite a few loft boxes and they work well, here a diagram of set up to show you what wire they need.

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I used to think I was fairly intellegent until I tried to suss all this out! :LOL:

Ok, so as far as I can gather, what we have should be ok apart from possibly extending a few cables and maybe getting a 'loftbox'. The main thing is that once the floor has been laid it doesn't need to come up again! I'll check the web for prices for a loftbox.

Cheers for that.
Hubby would like sky plus but with a toddler and a baby on the way it ain't gonna happen for a few years unless it suddenly comes free, he gets a big payrise or we get a lottery win! :LOL: We will have the spare satellite socket in the opposite alcove to the one we will be using so maybe we could run a wire from that behind the fireplace to the socket we will be using? I doubt that our LNB is a quad one so that'll prob need replacing. If we do that would it mean we don't need the loftbox as the booster we have up there for the tv would suffice for ordinary tv points (don't know why we had these when we got sky!)
You say the telephone socket wiring has ben left coiled up under the floor ready to connect.... Some people leave a large coil of cable in an internal cable run because it may be useful later. That can adversely affect maximum ADSL speeds.

The better practise (for ADSL) is to remove most of the spare cable when you terminate it. Leave yourself enough slack to work with, and possibly take the cables 'the long way round' to leave yourself a bit more spare cable here and there in case you need it.

A loop or two of cable is usually OK, just don't leave a tight coil of wire strapped up with cable ties.

It's all to do with inductance between adjacent turns of a coil affecting the frequency response of a cable.
Hi, sorry, you misunderstood. The phone cable is coiled up next to the connection point on the wall, not under the floor, but there is only about 0.5m coiled. My builder isn't exactly generous with cable and we may even need to connect extra cable to the ends of the tv & satellite cables he's fitted as he's only left enough to wire up to the point and not to extend up to the dish or roof. Thanks for the advice though. Our internet connection is wireless anyway but we're not happy with it because it interferes with the baby monitor and security camera. Hey-ho.

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