*SCAM* Cold calling, to fix virus issues...

Your arrogance precedes you. You opened something not belonging to you.
You assume it was a scam, as it seems everything that happens to you. The item was then passed to a third party. Again another aspect of being incorrect.
If indeed it was as you state, then giving it to the local Police station and making a statement would have been the correct course of action. Even though you yourself may have received a caution.
Lets assume this is an illegal action against yourself. Would it not be plausible that the person local to you could be involved? As you say the mail is being intercepted, a local would be the obvious as no one would suspect them chatting to the postman would they?
This would then make your theory of a cover up extremely possible.

You will note all of my recent communication with you has been informative and trying to assist in your better knowledge of certain issues and items. Even here I agree you could be a victim of a very clever scam.
If I were you I would go to the Police station as soon as possible, inform them of your letter opening and then the name and address of the third party you gave it to. Because you might end up with the house repossessed, then council not rehousing you because it could be deemed you made yourself homeless. A very serious situation, and of course possibly recovery of monies paid to you as well.

All in all its good you brought this to our attention so we can assist you in the best possible way.
Again I implore you to go to the Police and tell them all the facts.
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I believe what I have posted here has been nothing but informative about the situation mentioned in this thread regarding your current predicament. I have pointed out the law as it stands on letters and how they should be treated. Also agreed that if you are correct you should indeed go to the Police.
Yet you seem to think this is intended as an insult to you.
In fact anyone reading this can see I am trying to assist you. It would be a shame if who ever is doing this possible scam made any monetary gains, and indeed a disaster if it was to affect your current abode. As I mentioned if this possible scam were to carry on you may be deemed intentionally homeless and be offered no assistance from the local council until you could get the proof needed.
By all means go to the Police. I have already urged you to do so as fast as possible. The sooner the better to put either this despicable scam to bed or to settle your mind it is just an error somewhere. Remember to give the 3rd party name as well. That could be of vital importance as previously mentioned.

Please let us know how you get on at the Police station, and remember to get the Detectives name and a CAD number ( which is the crime reference number). It would then be a good idea to take that to your mortgage providor and the DWP main office local to you. That way you should have all avenues covered and hopefully keep your abode.
Then I get a call from my Mother, she was cold called, someone pestering her, you have several viruses on your computer
I bought my mother an Apple Mac Mini. No possibility of viruses and no possibility that anyone can access it. (Well, anything is possible but these scammers only know Windows so it ain't gonna happen.) One very happy Mum! :D
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I frequently get incorrectly addressed letters, and post them on, or RTS............so why didn't you do it this time mate?

and have workmen turn up, that have the wrong address.........and how often does this happen?

So, Alarm, as usual, you seem to have some issue with me. You criticise everything I write, or comment on..........I think that Alarm is merely posting what most of the members think about 'the events' in your life mate!

To suggest that I'm breaking the law on purpose ..........you did! Your name was not on the envelope and therefore, as Alarm said above, you broke the law by opening it. Since you 'frequently get such letters, why not open all of them and pass them on to other villagers to deal with just as you did with the other one?

"So Alarm.......you hurt my brain" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I see the mods have cut this down a "tad". Probably for the better.
Just in case some were wondering why certain replies were made with no obvious previous repsonse.
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