scantronic 9651 entry stray question

21 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,I have a scantronic 9651 protecting my shed at the side of the house which houses my motorbike, its just your standard garden shed made of wood, but i have made it all watertight obviously as it does have electric, outside light, alarm panel and socket for charging things.
My issue is how the alarm behaves during the entry/exit timer. The shed door is set for final exit with 10 seconds minimum,( I want the alarm to go off as soon as possible, however the issue is if I pass the motion detector during the entry timer it sets off the keypad alarm and makes the timer longer before the sirens trigger. The motion detector is set for "normal alarm". The motion dectector is positioned right close to panel but the panel cover blocks the detector view to the door, I have deliberately done this so it doesn't trigger the alarm as soon as i open the shed door, in order to trigger the motion detector you need to be halfway in the shed.(which an intruder will be in order to get the bike out.

So my concern is if the intruder breaks in he will trigger the entry timer but as soon as he is view of the motion detector he will just end up extending the timer so only the keypad will go off. Could I set this pir as entry route so that the panel would just ignore the pir and go off as soon as the entry timer expires? Would this work? I would much prefer the intruder to get an earful from the masterblaster and the elmdene elm300 instead of the laughable keypad sounder.
will setting the pir to entry route resolve this issue? What I am after is for the alarm to trigger as soon as the 10 second timer runs out.
Sorry for long post.
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You want to leave the Pir as normal alarm. The system should go into full alarm if the Pir is triggered. The programming must not be correct. I would need to check the manual to check why the entry time is being extended. I'm a bit rusty on these panels.
HI, I will double check the programming,I may have programmed something wrong, the alarm goes off when you pass the pir but only at the keypad,the sirens don't, they only go off about 2 minutes after which is far too late and the intruder(s) would have been long gone with the bike. My main house alarm doesn't have this issue If I walk past any motion detector programmed as "normal alarm" it set the full alarm off regardless of the entry timer.
If you just open the door and do not go infront of pir do the outside sirens go off ? If the keypad goes into alarm condition have you got bells on delay ?
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If you just open the door and do not go infront of pir do the outside sirens go off ? If the keypad goes into alarm condition have you got bells on delay ?
Hi there, There is no bell delay, If you open the door and do not pass the pir it will go into full alarm as soon as the entry timer expires (which is what I want), its only when you pass the pir it goes keypad alarm only and the timer extends and the bells delay, the keypad displays "entry stray".
Hi, the programming book that came with the panel does not mention this command, maybe I have the wrong version, I tried command 29 but the panel doesn't seem to recognize this command and when I try select 0 or 1 it says "not allowed" and goes back to "installer mode". I seem to have sorted the issue now, I set the pir to "entry route" so there is no more delay, the panel will now go in full alarm as soon as the 10 second entry timer expires, this is enough time for me to disarm as the keypad is right at the door, but it take more than 10 seconds for the intruders to get the bike out the shed. The masterblaster is a nasty bugger,very effective indeed! ears are still recovering!.

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