Scantronic 9651 help (PIR issue, setup question etc..)

14 Sep 2016
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United Kingdom
I've recently taken the challenge of setting up the alarm properly and came across a few issues.

Firstly the kitchen PIR (Zone 04) is apparently always open, everything works normally as in it flashes when you walk in front of it but I can't set the alarm unless I omit the zone. I changed the PIR (since I needed pet friendly ones anyway) thinking it was that but it's still an issue. I uploaded pictures in case anyone can tell what the issue is, I only need a indication of what it could be and I could probably diagnose from there. I suspect something to do with the cable which I hope not because I would have to pull up the floor to replace it.

Secondly I need help setting up part zone, I'm trying to setup the alarm for night time, the alarm sets okay but when I walk downstairs the alarm instantly goes off, I assumed with the hall zone registered as ER (entry route) it would count down instead but maybe I'm missing something.

And finally how would I go about replacing the keypad panel without resetting all the settings (the panel top holders have broke so if you knock it, it can sometimes tamper), I'd rather not set it up from start again so is it possible to replace it without wiping it? Also the alarm box buzzes for some odd reason (with mains power active), I don't know if this is normal/okay but what would the source of that be?

I already had an engineer out a while ago when it had a fault, he setup the alarm again (well hardly; but got it running) but rather than fixing some issues like the alarm PIR I believe he may have cut a wire in the box (in one of the pictures the green&yellow wire which I reconnected with white tape).


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a zone remains open, if the device is;-
1. wire is broken
2. fault with the device
3. interference

There are 6 wires, two power, NC (alarm pair) blue and white, and tamper pair yellow and green at the PIR end.

you have the alarm pair taped up at the panel?
I'm fairly familiar with the wiring now, but the wiring wasn't done by me. I believe the alarm pair is attached to the correct zone at the panel, then goes straight to the PIR? so CCT4 is the zone 4 PIR which appears to be connected? (I added panel images as I'm not too familiar with wiring)

If the zone is open does it suggest the circuit is complete (the NC pair is connected) or the opposite?
If the wiring isn't labelled up, you will have some fun verifying whats going on and what the last guy did.

if it was working after the last visit then it would be safe to assume that the wires are connected correctly, the problem is you don't know if theres a break in the cable.

twist the white and blue together or a link them together at the pir and do you still get it permanently active.

do you have a multi meter?
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The wiring is slightly labeled but it's fading I'm trying to make out what it says.

It never was working properly since the last visit but the engineer didn't fix it correctly. I just recalled yesterday when I was messing about in the panel box that the kitchen PIR was constantly coming up on the walk test when nobody was there, but then it stopped when I was looking in the panel to diagnose, perhaps there's loose cabling in the panel?

But it doesn't appear on the walk test now yet it states it's open when I try set the alarm; that doesn't seem right?

I twisted the white and blue together and didn't get permanently active.

Unfortunately I don't have a multi meter, would probably make this process a bit easier eh?.. all I can do is trial and error right now.
Just had another look inside the panel, I can make out the kitchen PIR cable label and a few other PIRs, but it seems to be connected correctly, I removed it and made sure the wire contacts were out and put it back in but still nothing- doesn't detect me on a walk test. I'm really lost now..

UPDATE: I stripped the wires in panel down a little and then reinserted it, the PIR now seems to be working correctly, but whilst I was diagnosing the wires I tried setting off the tamper on the sensors and it doesn't trigger it for any. Could anyone give me an idea why that is, and (tamper wasn't wired..) any help with the other issues in the original post?

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a device only detects on walk test if it changes from inactive to active state during the test (usually).

if its already open it wont detect.

if you put a link in at the panel and start the walk test then take the link out does it walk test?
Strange so the PIR was always active before? Could that suggest a cable fault? It's seems to be working fine right now; detects me on walk test; alarm sets correctly.

Don't really want to mess about too much in the panel, so as long as everything currently works correctly it's all good.

UPDATE: fixed all wiring issues, the only issues I have now are the part set option; When I want all downstairs set and upstairs not.
The issue is when I walk into the hall zone it triggers the alarm without entry timer, I thought since the zone is a entry route it would start the timer but it doesn't. Reading over it there needs to be a Final Exit zone triggered before however the only zone before that is the upper PIR which would trigger a timer everytime someone goes to the bathroom. What do I do in this situation?

The only other issue is the keypad is faulty and I've ordered a new one, if I turn the mains off and put the keypad in installer mode and just changed the keypad there would it cause any issues? Or do I need to turn everything off and reset all the settings?
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Program the Entry Route as Final Exit in Partset B (?). Use command 61...

To change the keypad, put the panel in Installer Mode, disconnect the cable in the panel, swap keypads, reconnect in the panel and enter command 96 to test it - no need th power the panel down.
Yes as per 82 needs to be final exit. Entry route not correct.

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