26 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Do tradesmen only use pozi screws these days or is there still a circumstance where slotted screws are used?
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i always use pozi myslef unless slotted screws come in a pack with any given item i order.
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i try my best not to use slotted screws at all if it can be helped ;)
unless like big all it requires said screws to be used, :)
I only use slotted screws if they are on show such as on a fancy light fitting, or something like a door handle.
Predominately pozi for speed and ease of use with a cordless but as stated above slotted where visible when requested. I personally prefer the look of slots although I don't hold with the practice of dressing on hinges as it simply means a screw is either over or under tightened. Also slots are easier to remove, pozis that are filled with paint or chewed up are an absolute pain.
Slightly off the topic but we don't use nails as much nowadays either, screws being prefered, easier to change things at the whims of clients and architects. I've even seen whole roofs screwed together rather than nailed!
I've always been a belt and braces man as I'm sure many others are too so I just tend to use screws for just about anything. Nails just seem so clumsy, prone to splitting timber etc and just seems to me not a solid fixing method.

Slotted screws still have their uses however I keep little or none slotted screws in my screw box.
(TIP) For painted up screw heads heat up the end of a goosed driver to cherry red with a blowlamp, hey presto!!! ALWAYS brass slotted for W.C. pans.
(TIP) For painted up screw heads heat up the end of a goosed driver to cherry red with a blowlamp, hey presto!!!
Can free up many jammed screws, even if the head isn't painted.
My weapon of choice is an electric soldering iron.
I'm aware of the method of heating up screws but unfortunately on most of the jobs I work on any form of heat isn't allowed without the correct permits and safeguards :rolleyes:

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