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Self Levelling a Garage Floor

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by Lamentable, 28 Oct 2020.

  1. Lamentable


    20 Oct 2020
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    United Kingdom

    (Have checked existing posts but wanted to get up to date information and some other questions).

    I need to self level approximately 12m² of garage floor. The floor has a lot of imperfections up to 3-4mm deep in places but in some places it's completely smooth. I think my idea would be to poor on the compound and smooth it over the whole floor but there will be some areas where there will be no depth to fill (if that makes sense).

    There is the main garage door and a second door which I need to take into account. I would like to paint the floor afterwards to give a nice smooth and dust free finish. The garage will not be used to put a car in and will be used for storage and as a utility area.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. What is the best compound to use? I've looked at various products some containing latex etc but unsure on the best one to use for my purpose. I think the important factors are that it should be frost resistant as the garage is more or less open to the elements.

    2. In regard to tools, do I need a float? If so should it be metal or plastic? What size should it be? When I typed "Self Levelling" into the Selco website it immediately suggested a spiked roller for approx. £40 (inc VAT). Do I need one of these?

    3. I think the correct term is "shuttering" where I will block off the doorway and the main garage door to prevent the compound from flowing out of the garage. Shall I just cut some wood to size and jam it in place?

    4. If I do end up with a lip where the compound meets the shuttering is there a way I can sand this down to make it less noticeable.

    5. What type of paint would I need to finish it afterwards and what type of roller to apply it? I would also want to bring this paint up to the 1st course of bricks to make it nice an neat.

    Thanks in advance for all replies received.
    Last edited: 28 Oct 2020
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