shocking Dry Ridge work and Fascias done by so Called Professional Company in UK...

7 Oct 2023
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United Kingdom

in 2018 i paid £4700 for new Fascias / Soffits / Gutters and my Top roof Ridge tiles being replaced using a Dry Ridge kit on a small 3 bedroom detached house. it took them two days, about 6hrs each day..

the firm who did it are "Roofline Design" based in Leeds UK.
now even though i had 2 quotes for 600 and 700 cheaper off two smaller companies,
i chose Roofline Design cause they had a professional looking website, they had a lot of Accreditation Marks like Checkatrade / BBA Approved / TRUST MARK and others and 20yr Guarantee.

now ive realised theyve Shafted me...

recently i was in back Garden looking up at the roof and noticed a Gap where i could see daylight between the End Ridge Tile and the Plastic verge cover thats supposed to be over it. so i got the ladders on my garage roof and went up to take a Photo (see photo 1 )

Gas Rectangle Sky Wood Composite material

next i braved it and climbed up onto my roof, that gap you see in the photo is because he had come up about 1 or 2" short with the run of Ridges, cause the plastic brackets in between each ridge are thinner than the old cement was
and its gets worse... instead of securely fixing the end ridge tile with a screw through it or cement. hes used one of the plastic brackets that only go in between 2 ridge tiles with plastic clips (see Photo 2 )

this had moved a bit as seen in photo and was loose. i undone the end tile and removed it, there was a birds nest under there. when i brushed that away i seen the next really bad bit
the easy trim roll out Membrane was miles off center, ( see Red Coloured lines on Photo 2
the Red guide line in the middle thats used for EASY alignment to the 50mm batten below wasnt over any part of the Batten (Red Lines on Photo 2 show exactly where the Batten is )
and on one side NOTHING was stuck to the double roman flat tiles, the Sticky strip was way off and not stuck to any part of the tile casue it would not reach... Only about 3 or 4mm of the crinkled very edge of the material was over the tile (ive circled this in Yellow in Photo 2 ) .. so how much rains got in there over the last 5yrs...
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whats really annoyed me about the pic above is the fact that my roofline measures just under 7m, so they will have used a 10m Easy Trim Dry Ridge Roll. so he would have had some trim left over. the lad who did this works knew damn well that he cocked up. he could of used the trimmed off roll and stuck it over the top and got it lined up correctly. but they just left it and went home..

also it seems hes not put enough battens on at the 100m screws that come with the Kit only go into the wood battens by about 3cm.. see photo below, that screw you see to the left if all way undone so its out of the batten. and its only sticking out the plastic bracket by a couple of CM
going off all the youtube videos ive watched this isnt near enough
Wood Water Gas Composite material Metal

also the Brown Plastic end cap over the end ridge tile if Way off Center as you can see in Photo #3 ... the center line is that rosewood thin stuck on cover that covers the gap in between the fascia on each side.
hes even had to cut a small piece of a dry verge cover and wedge it in the right side to hide what he did...
Sky Composite material Gas Tints and shades Building

next after this i noticed an end normal roof tile with a big hole in it. when they were here they broke a few tiles and i had a few in my back garden, you can see the Darker ones that stand out on the photo below. but the one with the Hole they just left... 5yrs its been like that,
and the one directly below it is cracked in the same place. they have cracked them either when fitting the plastic dry verge covers or when they were hammering off the old wood Fascias. i havnt checked for more broken tiles yet. but i will be doing.
i must state that NOBODY has been on my roof in the 5yrs since Roofline Design did this work until i got on

Plant Road surface Asphalt Grey Tar

below pic shows the broken tile removed before i replaced it... i dont know if it should like that under there?
broken tile removed.jpg

this weekend im going up there to take all the ridges off and Put a new roll out membrane on and do it Properly myself
i knew absolutely nothing about roofing, but ive just re tiled my 3 sided lower small roof by myself and used the easy trim dry ridge. after id watched loads of Guide videos on youtube

when doing this small roof myself i found the next problem...
the Fascia boards Roofline Design fitted are only 15mm Thick
they Sold me 18mm thick Fascia Boards.
before i had the work done their website Stated (WE ONLY FIT 18" THICK FASCIA'S)
it still states this today. and its stated in the Booklet / Job quote that their sales rep gave me the day he came out to give me the quote. pic below shows the 15mm thick Fascias theyve fitted..
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i did some research online and found that to be BBA Approved for Structual the Minimum thickness for Fascias is 16mm
Roofline Design Have the BBA APPROVED stamp in their Booklet that states they ONLY use Materials that are BBA Approved..
well on my house they did NOT

Rectangle Font Software Operating system Screenshot

all 3 sides of my lower roof are 15mm thick fascias, so its Safe to Assume that all the top main roof will be the same.
im gonna get a measurement shortly when im up there
they have NOT complied with their own BBA Approved Advertised Status.
photos below took from their Sales Booklet that they left with me and this is downloadable from their website
Font Publication News Newspaper Paper

Motor vehicle Font Gas Rectangle Vehicle door

would really appreciate the thoughts / advice of any professional roofers etc on here.
im gonna look at legal action with them through the Civil Courts.
i would NEVER let anyone from that firm come near my House after finding all this what theyve done

i;ll get more pics and Videos this weekend if the weathers ok and i get up there to re do the Ridge line..

thx in advance.
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Don't know this company but IMO generally companies are only as good as they people they employ and their employees are only as good as their pay rates and (lack of) supervision. Flashy websites are generally pre populated with standard images and advertising copy.

Looks like you might have to bring your top coarse of tiles up on each side so the roll out membrane will span the ridge, probably a good idea to get a few more batons. I find priming the top coarse of tiles with a quick dab of bitumen paint makes the butyl mastic stick like sh*t
Seeing as it was 5 years ago and 4.7k, what is the realistic prospect of court success etc

May not be worth your aggrevation or time or stress and take it as a hard lesson learnt
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Seeing as it was 5 years ago and 4.7k, what is the realistic prospect of court success etc

May not be worth your aggrevation or time or stress and take it as a hard lesson learnt
If it was five years ago, then for £4.7k the OP could have got the whole roof re-tiled!

The chances of the claim being successful are high.

So it is worth pursuing, there would be minimal cost to the OP.

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