Shower re-grouting question

25 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a mosaic marble shower which after 7 years has started leaking. There are some small cracks in the grout around the drain

I put some silicon sealant in this area as a temporary measure and also to see where the leak was coming from - it's not the prettiest of jobs but the leak has stopped - so far so good.

So I guess I need to re-grout the area as a more permanent solution.
I believe I need to rake out the existing grout before putting in the new grout - is it ok to do this just in the area around the drain that I've highlighted in red here? Or do I need rake out in between the mosaic tiling which I'd really like to avoid doing?

Is there a specific type of grout that I should use? Easypoxy / microflex / epoxy / regular ?

I don't know if it's worth mentioning but tanking was put in underneath the shower when it went but I have doubts about the quality of the work. Also there is a little bit of flex in the floor which I know is far from ideal.

Any advice is appreciated - thanks!
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