Shower Water Pressures

5 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I want to install a power shower in a shower room I'm building. I've already got mains pressure cold water to the room, and tank fed hot water. For a number of reasons I can't get tank fed cold water to the room. If I fit a single impeller shower pump to the hot supply it would give about 1.5 bar pressure, and then fit a pressure regulator to the mains cold supply and regulate it also to also give 1.5 bar would there be a problem?

I've tried asking the shower manufacters this but it appears all to difficult for them.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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I did think about an electric shower, but my experience of them in other peoples houses has been that they give very poor pressure compared with a power shower. Have they improved, can you reccomend a good electric shower?
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Do you really mean poor pressure or poor flow rate ?
For a given electrical power input the flow rate depends upon the incoming water temp and the set temp.
Increasing flow rate reduces the temp.
Personally i find a modern 9.5 KW shower quite acceptable.
When they first came out a lot of these showers were only about 6 KW which gives a poor shower espacially in winter.

It is possible to improve the subjective feel of the shower by changing the spray head and some are adjustable.
By restricting output flow to fewer nozzles the percieved pressure increases it the feels like a much better shower.

I have had acceptable showers at a flow rate as low as 2 litre pm by using the correct spray head.Not domestic environment though.

As far as recommendations go i will leave that to others as my experience is for like for like replacement.

I would suggest supply and fit rather than buy and heve someone install.

If DIY and you want known name product, lowest prices are probably from B&Q rather than merchant.


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