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29 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom

I've been having a problem with my shower at home it is a pull cord (the light indicateds that the heat is on) the water comes through regardless of whether the cord is pulled on or not (if it is not on the water is cold) Anyway my problem is that now when I pull the cord the light doesn't come on and the water in the shower won't get hot - any ideas??? There is water coming through so the shower works it just seems to be a hearting element?? Where do I start in trying the get to the bottom of this (there is no fuse in the pull cord)



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Hmm, first, work out how to isolate the shower circuit - it should have its own fuse or circuit breaker, then ( with it off, or course )remove the covers on the switch, and on the shower itself. There will be no additional fuses, apart from the one at the fuse board, but you may be able to identify the element, - if you have a meter you can measure the resistance, should be <10 ohms, exact value depends on the rating. If the element is shot, it might be worth replaceing the whole lump, depending on cost of spare parts.
If the light doesn't come on though, it is probably not the element (unless the bulb happens to have died as a co-incidence) so check the supply fuse/circuit breaker is OK, and connections in the back of the pull switch, as it may be that power isn't even reaching the switch.
Never heard of a shower where the water will flow when the power is off, so the unit could have a broken solenoid valve as well.
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our shower will flow cold when the power is off. The water is from the mains, the power switch (pull cord) only switches the shower on so it can heat the water. I would check the fuses.

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